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Turning Off Laptop Keyboard( Step By Step Guide)

Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, If the laptop’s keyboard is damaged or has few keys, an additional keyboard can be needed. But, in these circumstances, both keyboards will operate simultaneously, which will increase how much power your laptop uses. Moreover, a broken built-in keyboard can result in accidental key presses.

You can turn off the laptop’s keyboard to avoid this. You can disable the keyboard by removing the drivers for the laptop keyboard on Windows laptops. Nevertheless, this is not a simple procedure. You can also use command line tools to disable the keyboard ports, which is another alternative.

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Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, Remove the keyboard drivers

Keyboard drivers mainly handle the communication between your operating system and the keyboard hardware. When the keyboard driver is removed, this process is interrupted, ultimately leading to the keyboard’s failure.

Step 1: Prevent Driver Installation

Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, In most cases, when you remove a device driver and restart a computer, Windows reinstalls the drivers for you. In order to disable the laptop keyboard, you must disable the “driver reinstall” feature in the local group policy editor. This is because simply uninstalling the keyboard driver would not do so.

  1. With Windows Key + X, choose Device Management from the menu.
  2. Select Properties by doing a right-click on the Standard PS/2 Keyboard.
  3. Choose the Details tab.
  4. Choose the Hardware Ids option under the Property drop-down menu.
  5. Then, enter gpedit.msc by pressing Windows key + R and pressing enter.
  6. Then choose Device Installation Limitations under Device Installation Templates in Computer Configurations > Administrative Templates > System.
  7. Double-click on Block installation of devices matching any of these device instance IDs to open it.
  8. Choose Enabled, then press the show button.
  9. Copy the Hardware ID, paste it in the Value area, and then click “Ok.”


Step 2: Remove the driver

Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, You can delete the driver after turning off the “driver reinstall” option. Below are the procedures.

  1. Click Keyboard in Device Management after opening it.
  2. Uninstall can be chosen when you right-click on the Standard PS/2 Keyboard.
  3. Finally, confirm the deletion of the driver before restarting the computer. You might discover that the built-in keyboard has ceased working after the computer restarts.

Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, Turn off the keyboard port

There is a command-line-based technique for shutting off the port on the laptop keyboard.

  1. With Windows Key + X, launch Terminal (admin).
  2. Type this command into the command prompt and press Enter.                                                                              Sc configuration i8042prt start=”disabled”
  3. After you restart the computer, the keyboard on your laptop will be disabled.
  4. Use this command and restart the computer if you want to enable the keyboard.
    i8042prt start=auto in sc configuration
Turning Off Laptop Keyboard
Turning Off Laptop Keyboard

Turning Off Laptop Keyboard, Update a driver that is incompatible

Installing an incompatible keyboard driver is another approach to deactivate a laptop’s keyboard. In this manner, the keyboard controllers won’t detect the drivers and won’t work.

  1. Open Device Manager by pressing Windows Key + X.
  2. Toggle to Keyboard.
  3. Updating Driver can be found by right-clicking the Standard PS/2 Keyboard driver.
  4. Choose the option to “Search my computer for drivers.”
  5. Choose Let me choose from a list of available drivers on my machine and then click on it.
  6. Unchecking Show compatible hardware is advised.
  7. Choose a driver and pick a different laptop manufacturer from the list.
  8. To update the Keyboard driver to an incompatible version, click Next.
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