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The Effects of COVID-19 Outbreak On Modern Society

Effects of COVID-19

The ongoing Corona pandemic has made major effects everywhere. In the last 75 years, there hasn’t been a worldwide health catastrophe such as this. COVID-19 took numerous lives, caused unspeakable agony, and especially affected the way of life of the people. It is still possible to disclose the full impact of this pandemic.

The COVID-19 has not only affected the healthcare system since it began but has also affected socially and economically. Everybody has been affected by this pandemic and its influence is certain to deteriorate. The most affected were members of the vulnerable social groupings.

Therefore many governments throughout the world have taken action to rescue the situation and also protect healthcare systems from the negative effects of COVID-19.

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Pakistan’s govt is also doing its best to control the Corona pandemic. The vaccination process is ongoing and peoples are taking the vaccination. In this situation, China is helping Pakistan to fight with COVID-19.

How governments have been responding to the pandemic

Lockdowns imposed

Since the Corona pandemic began, many countries have been put under lockdown across the world. Countries like the USA, France, Germany, UK, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are among those who moved swiftly to this course of action.

These governments went ahead and imposed bans on all types of public gatherings. This made it feasible to maintain social separation. The spread of COVID-19 has been managed to some degree with a limited number of persons moving outside or within cities.

Restriction of travelers from hard-hit countries

The limitation of passengers is perhaps the most widespread practice among the world’s leaders. Those who want to travel from hard-hit countries, such as Italy and China, have been restricted from entering other countries.

Although it was believed that this step would provoke some diplomatic struggles amongst states, it was required. Different governments can focus on controlling the disease spread on a domestic level with foreign passengers banned from entering the country.

This helps countries to handle the pandemic a little more and reduces the pressure on their health systems.

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Cancellation and postponement of sporting events

The ban on major sports events and other related social events was one of the most conspicuous measures put forward by most governments worldwide. Major sports events were delayed until later, while others were banned.

This means that you may no longer shout the beloved sports teams of thousands of spectators at the stadiums. The most positive COVID-19 cases at the outset of the pandemic were related to sport activities in several regions of the world.

The most prescribed medicines During the covid-19 lockdown

Different governments throughout the world have advocated various medicines to reduce COVID-19 spread during lockouts. Some drugs were widespread in many nations, however, and were more effective in combating moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

Medicines for anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and anti-insomnia were among the most prescribed during this lockout. Some of these medicines could be costly to some individuals, by comparing the market could help to break down key government activities to assist the mental health of our residents.

The following are some of the most prescribed medications during this lockdown;

  • Cough medicines
  • Remdesivir
  • Dexamethasone
  • Acetaminophen
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Bamlanivimab
  • Baricitinib

How to deal with side effects of these drugs

While these medicines have been approved by the world’s main health agencies, some of them have negative effects. That is why governments have taken steps to address these negative effects. Including;

  • A number of OTC pain treatments are available for those suffering from drug adverse events and even COVID-19 vaccination, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
  • Emergency contact lines were specially set up in order to address all cases associated with these side effects.

Has the pandemic affected mental health education?

This pandemic has severely affected mental health education in most facilities and even at individual levels. The most affected members of society were adolescents and college students.

The social life of most individuals was disrupted by lock-down and stay-at-home directives. This can be evident in people’s higher tension and anxiety. For this reason, comprehensive mental health support services are required to respond in real-time to these effects.


Nobody can deny that COVID-19 has affected everyone’s personal and social life in some instances. However, if the people keep following the measures and preventions set aside by the health institutions, we can control the effects of the Corona pandemic.

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