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How to Promote Your Real Estate Business on Instagram

promote your real estate business

Real estate businesses are always in demand as the practice of buying and selling properties will never end as long as humans exist. One thing that can enhance your success is your marketing and promotions. Recently, digital marketing has become as important as the older ways of marketing as an increasing number of people now look for properties online. Marketing on every social media website can be hectic so focusing on one platform makes sense for starters.

Marketing on Instagram has become almost mandatory nowadays, seeing how widely used it is. People mainly view pictures and videos here, which is perfect for any real estate business as these allow you to showcase your properties in the best possible way. We will now discuss the things to keep in mind while promoting on Instagram.

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Showcase your properties

Ensure that all your ties are available for viewing on Instagram. Upload the properties you have already dealt with and let people know of your successful dealings, too, so that they know how effective and promising you are in what you do. Make it your aim to have excellent and aesthetic photos and videos of your properties which will give the people an idea of the property and how it looks, so it is vital to cover the area and take pictures in good lighting. Try to ensure the images and videos are shot and edited well, as the audience will see them and decide if the place is good enough.

It will be a bonus if the property is adequately staged and prepared before taking the photos and videos. Videos is great for attracting more audiences, and a well-shot video will give them a more realistic virtual tour of the place than images. Real estate agencies like Jellis Craig successfully used videos on Instagram to build their profile.

Paid Promotions

Instagram also gives you the option to run ads on the platform. These ads represent a valuable and neat way to promote your business through Instagram. You now have the choice to choose the exact demographics you want to target. Going for optimized and more targeted ads also increases the chances of the ad being successful.

These ads can show up between posts and even between stories. We recommend running geo-targeted ads as it would allow you to target people in a specific area. You can select the site for the ads by keeping in mind the location of your properties and the surrounding areas, as these people are most likely to look for properties in the area you are selling. These customized ads perform better than normal ones, and selecting details will also enhance the chances of your ads being successful. You must choose a well-designed post for promotion, and you are in luck if photo designing and editing is not your thing because you can find a great variety of real estate flyers online. The designs available and the option to customize the templates come in handy as they let you get the final look you want, and it is effortless to do so!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

The rise of Instagram, in general, has also brought about many influencers on this platform. People love influencers and very keenly follow what they do and say. Naturally, it only makes sense that you can form a partnership with an influencer who posts content relevant to the real estate business and is in the locality where your properties are. The influencer can then cover one or some of your properties, introduce you and your team to their audience, and let them know why you are the one to go to for real estate handling.

Introduce your team

The work of real estate involves people and a lot of human interaction, so give your business a nice human touch by letting the audience know you and your team. Introduce yourself and your team so that the audience has a better idea of who they will be working with. The introduction does not need to be strictly professional, and everyone can add something personal or fun about them that the audience can relate to and feel more familiar with. Let people know your human side as well so that they are more encouraged to work with you as they would feel more connected to you and your team!



Hashtags are used across social media platforms to search for things. Make sure you use hashtags relevant to your real estate business and Instagram, increasing your discoverability. You can use relevant hashtags in the caption of your posts and your bio on the profile. The best hashtags are simple and to the point, such as #ForSale, #ForRent, #Househunting, etc. People can search for one hashtag and find all posts relevant to that, so it functions like a search feature, and you need to ensure your posts show up. Incorporating hashtags in your profile is beneficial due to the mentioned reasons!

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People are much more likely to use a service if they read other people’s positive reviews of the service. You should let the audience know about your accomplishments and successes by uploading testimonies as either posts or stories. You can create a highlight just for testimonials and save all the stories you upload under this highlight so that they are readily available for people to see. Doing so will build trust and will encourage people to come to you. You can add a nice touch by uploading pictures with the client after a deal is closed to capture your and your client’s happiness. Nikol Klein, for example, highlights her success by showing testimonials on her profile.

The article sums up the main things you need to keep in mind while promoting your real estate business on Instagram. No one suits every business, so be open to experimentation and trying out different suggestions to see what works best for you. You can then optimize your strategy accordingly. Here is hoping that the tips and suggestions can help you achieve the targets and goals you have set for yourself!

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