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PTA SMS Service: How to block messages and calls?

PTA SMS Service

Mobile phone users can block any such messages and calls through a PTA SMS service provided by Pakistan Telecommunications (PTA). Or be part of the PTA’s ‘Don’t Call Register’ (DNCR) to get rid of marketing messages.

PTA SMS Service: How to block unsolicited messages?

For some people, such promotional messages are of interest or benefit, and some users may be waiting for such messages to arrive and take advantage of them. But there are consumers who are annoyed by these messages because, in addition to sales information, thousands of companies send you marketing messages that have no interest in consumers.

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In this case, if you want to block telemarketing messages, you can enter your number on ‘DNCR’ using the service provided by PTA, i.e. you can tell PTA that “Don’t register my number for unwanted calls or messages.”

For this, you have to write REG and send a message to 3627. After that, you will stop receiving all kinds of promotional messages and calls.

How does your number reach these companies?

PTA spokesperson Khurram Mehran said that most of the time when we go to the shop to buy something, our number is asked there, and then that number is entered in their database.

At the moment, the shopkeeper does not say why he is asking for the number, nor does the buyer ask him why he is asking for the number. If anyone asks, you are told that there will be a promotion or a sale.

But it is also important to understand that many brands have the same marketing companies. When you register your number one brand, it is used to market other brands.

He said that is why PTA has provided this service so that “you can block all kinds of telemarketing messages”.

“PTA SMS service is absolutely free,” he said. Users will not have to pay any charges for using this service.

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How to block spam messages

In addition to marketing messages, your mobile number also receives messages from various numbers, such as’ Contact us to clean the water tank ‘or’ Home tuition ‘or’ AC service to facilitate this number. Contact.’

In this regard, PTA spokesman Khurram Mehran said that these messages are sent by one person to another in private. Apart from marketing messages, they are sent from ordinary mobile numbers through special software.

That is why it is difficult for the PTA to stop them on a large scale. If a user complains to us that they are receiving such messages from these specific numbers, action may be taken against them, but if someone sends the same messages using other numbers, we cannot block them ourselves.

This type of massage also includes fraudulent messages and calls. Such as ‘Income Support Program’, ‘Your Reward’ or ‘Mobile Cash Transfer’ etc.

In such cases, users can lodge a complaint by providing information on these specific numbers on the PTA website.

“We investigate and if there is fraud with you, we send it to the FIA ​​for legal action.”

He further said that the facility is being provided by the mobile companies that we can also block these messages.

For this, users have to send an SMS to 9000 by typing a specific number and copying the message received from them. Doing so will stop receiving such messages from this number. According to the PTA, customers will have to pay a small fee to use the service.

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How to block annoying calls?

If you are a woman and your number has gone unnoticed, you will often use the phrase “I don’t know who is bothering you and why.”

To get rid of such calls, your mobile phone has the option of ‘Block Calls’ which you can use to block such calls. WhatsApp also has a related feature.

But you can also block calls or messages from strangers using your mobile network services.

For this, you have to dial 420 or # 420* from your number after which you will be able to block such calls.

However, there are also charges for using this service.

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