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Over $4 billion has been put to Roshan Digital Banks.

Roshan Digital Banks

Do You Know Over $4 billion has been put to Roshan Digital Banks?In Pakistan, the government has changed, but Roshan Digital Account (RDA) inflows are still skyrocketing.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reports that RDA inflows have crossed the $4 billion threshold. Furthermore, SBP denied social media claims that Pakistanis living abroad had taken money from Roshan Digital Accounts.

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The SBP posted on Twitter about the development and stated:

“SBP refutes false information posted on social media regarding significant withdrawals from the Roshan Digital Account and a slowing in inflows. There have been no unusual outflows and very robust inflows totaling about $86 million so far in April. The overall inflows currently exceed $4 billion.


Roshan Digital Banks
Roshan Digital Banks

All of the myths that are going around on social media have been debunked by the central bank. The majority of respondents believed that Pakistanis living abroad would stop sending money home. The assertion is untrue, especially in light of SBP’s denial of the reports.

Many Pakistanis live in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. According to reports, the political upheaval in Pakistan has left the non-resident Pakistanis desolate. The flood of Roshan Digital Accounts hasn’t changed all that much, though.

According to Muhammad Awais Ashraf, Foundation Securities’ Head of Research:

As there are 388,494 accounts through which abroad Pakistanis have $2.649 billion in Naya Pakistan Certificates and higher yield offerings, we do not anticipate any sizable outflow in RDA as a result of diversification.


Nearly 9 million Overseas Pakistanis were able to register a digital account in Pakistan through an online process when COVID-19 was at its busiest. This scheme, which allows Pakistanis who aren’t residents to have fun without having to visit a bank branch, was made feasible by the previous administration, the PTI. These accounts operate in complete harmony with the domestic banking and payment system for Overseas Pakistanis. An overseas Pakistani can have full access to funds, payments, transfers, and other e-commerce operations using Roshan Digital Accounts.

You can manage your Roshan Digital Account with Pakistani Rupees or any other international currencies.  The return on these certificates is accessible in PKR, Euro, GBP, and USD in both conventional and shariah-compliant formats. Through Roshan Digital Account, Pakistanis living abroad in the diaspora can also invest in stocks and real estate.

Do you anticipate that the deposits will rise further in the future?

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