TechMag fully understands and complies with the ethical code of journalism and publication. Keeping in mind the responsibility mainstream media entails, TechMag has adopted the following principles:


We have no tolerance for duplicate or plagiarized content of any sort. Our writers and editors are constantly striving to come up with original user-oriented content without tampering with the news or information in any way.


Our content is free from every type of bias. When writing, we put our personal bias aside and make sure that the content is neutral (except our opinion section where writers are encouraged otherwise) so that the reader does not feel manipulated in any way.

Truthfulness and Accuracy

We always trust on the quality of reporting and publishing. At TechMag, there is no such thing as ‘fake’ or ‘made up’ news. We use credible sources as a resource and make sure that they are given due credit where necessary.


As our tagline suggests, “Emerging Tech, Gadgets and Reviews“; we are a team of individuals who are working to keep people informed about the trends and happenings of tech around the globe. We fully take responsibility for our words and assure the readers that our content is not offensive or discriminatory towards any segment of society.

We write to benefit the readers. Our readers always come first. Your feedback and criticism matter. Errors and inaccuracies, if found, must be reported.