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How to Protect Your Identity by Using Next-Level Security Over Your Credit Report

Protect Your Identity

You aren’t paying attention if you aren’t concerned about where and how your personal information is collected on the internet. In the last several days, data breaches at companies like Accenture, a worldwide IT powerhouse, and Thingiverse, a 3-D printing service, have exposed account information from millions of their customers. And that’s just in a few days’ time.

Then there’s what those businesses do while you’re not paying attention. Over 95% of Americans are concerned that firms will acquire and sell their personal information without their permission. Another 80 people are afraid that businesses will have access to the information they publish on social media networks. However, only around half of those polled said they’re looking for new ways to protect their personal information.

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Everyone is concerned. Despite this, many people are doing nothing about it. And complacency could be dangerous when it comes to financial facts and the health of each person’s critical credit.

Professionals and business owners who have worked hard to develop their nest eggs already have all of the digital tools they need to keep track of their finances. When it comes to protecting your money, Aura believes you should have the same degree of convenience and assurance.

While you could create your own web of credit monitoring, password protections, VPN coverage, and other security features, Aura takes personal data security to the next level by giving all of these tools to help keep your personal data safe wherever you go online.

Aura includes tools to assist you strengthen your account security and other protection measures, as well as proactively scanning for signs of data compromise and issuing near-real-time alerts to thwart those attempts.

Aura’s protection starts with a robust set of device security tools, including powerful antivirus and Wi-Fi safeguards that block malware and malicious websites, secure your Wi-Fi connection, strengthen passwords, and eliminate potential opportunities for cyber snoops to steal personal information, according to the company.

Aura monitors your registered accounts for any unusual spending activity, detecting fraud early on. They also send near–real–time warnings for new credit queries on your records, such as new credit cards or bank loans. In the case that something suspect is going on, Aura makes it simple to lock and unlock your Experian credit file, preventing unsolicited credit requests. The characteristics of the Aura plans differ depending on the one you choose.

Meanwhile, Aura’s safety extends in all directions, proactively searching public records for instances when your name, personal information, or financial information appear. From court cases to criminal activities, Aura notifies you if your Social Security Number, bank accounts, or other personally identifiable information is utilized elsewhere, and they notify you right away, with fraud alerts up to four times faster than competitors1.

Aura has collaborated with a third-party insurer to offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance* to cover qualified damages and fees resulting from identity theft.

Aura’s team is made up of seasoned financial fraud detectives with an average of seven years of experience and a combined total of more than 150,000 cases of identity theft and fraud under their belts.

Aura’s no-nonsense approach extends to its subscription, which includes an all-in-one cybersecurity suite for a single monthly price with no hidden fees. Aura is currently providing new customers a 50% discount on its services.

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