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Ignite Plans for startups and freelancers

Ignite Plans for Startups

News Desk: Ignite has set up incubation centers in 5 major cities of the country where 691 startups have registered themselves, with 272 startups generating revenue of Rs 3 billion and Rs 8 billion. Graduated with investment agreements.


Under Ignite, incubation centers have been set up in five major cities of the country where 691 start-ups have registered themselves.

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Plans to set up incubation centers in Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Kamra, Mardan, and other cities are in the final stages.

Under Ignite’s Digi Skills program, more than 600,000 freelancers have so far, after IT training, brought $200 million into the annual revenue. More than 1.7 million people have so far enrolled through the Digi Skills online training platform.

The current government of PTI is working hard to make Pakistan digital. The main objective of the government is to promote the IT sector as much as possible. So that educated Pakistanis can improve their economy by learning IT skills and it will also help in eradicating poverty.

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