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There were times when people were habitual of cleaning their hands or body with soap bars. Now the trend has changed as people use liquefied soap to get rid of all the germs and dirt. These organically made Products are available online. Customers can avail of the facility of online shopping in Pakistan for buying chemical-free hand washes. Here the question lies, why do we need to wash our hands? Why there is a need to buy and use a soap liquid to wash hands?

Why is it necessary to Wash Your Hands?

Medical researchers have proved that there are gazillion germs present on the surface of hands. These germs can enter inside of your body from your hands and can cause infectious diseases.

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Where do these germs stick to our hands?

There is not any specific place. All-day long, we touch numerous objects. By touching all these numerous objects, variant germs that are present on the objects make their way to your hands. It is necessary to get rid of such disease causative germs. For ensuring health-care and disease prevention, washing hands is necessary. One way of eradicating germs is through the washing of hands by using Premium quality Liquid Hand Wash.

Not all Hand Soaps are Safe to Use

You can find multiple cleaning products that claim to kill 100% germs. Not all brands can be trusted when it comes to health-care. There are brands offering soap products that are not safe for human health. These brands use substances in the manufacturing of such products that are hazardous to human health. One of these harmful substances is paraben.

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What is Paraben and why it is Unsafe?

Parabens are the preservatives that companies add to their products for increasing the shelf life of products. Paraben is usually present inside the skin-related products. Although paraben is present in such products, that does not mean it is safe for your skin. In-fact, paraben-containing products are very dangerous to use. There is a long list of harmful effects that make paraben very unsafe for usage. Below are some of the hazardous effects of paraben.

  • Paraben has carcinogenic properties and can cause cancer.
  • Frequent use of paraben can affect hormonal activity.
  • Skin absorbs paraben from where it enters our tissue fluid via skin pores.
  • Products with a high amount of paraben badly affect the skin.

Is Organic Liquid Handwash is safe to use?

Products that involve organic ingredients in their manufacturing are safe. Manufacturers should try not to use any harmful, artificial, or toxic ingredients in the manufacturing of all of their products. All the ingredients that are organic and that are derived from natural resources are safe to use. Organic products do not contain any chemical substance that is why these products do not have adverse effects on the skin.

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How does the Liquid Soap Work to Kill Germs?

The liquid form of Soap contains ingredients that tend to kill germs in one wash. There is a special technique to apply the soap liquid onto your hands for getting rid of germs and dirt.

Described below are the steps that you should follow whilst cleaning your hands.

  • Wet your hands with clean and pollutant-free water.
  • Grab a Soap liquid that is effective to kill germs and that suits your skin.
  • Take the soap liquid on to your hand in an amount that you think will be enough to clean your hands.
  • Rub the hands and create the lather out of the soap liquid.
  • Scrub the upper skin of your hands, hand palm, space between the fingers, and space under nails with liquid.
  • Continue to scrub the soap on your skin for at least twenty seconds
  • Gently rinse your hands with clean and pollutant-free water.

Best Way to Select a Soap that is Suitable for Your Skin Type

People think that a soap liquid that has the ability to kill germs is good to clean hands. In Pakistan, it is less likely that people will consider their skin type before purchasing a soap to wash hands. However, it is necessary to consider skin type before buying soaps because it can cause side effects despite killing germs.

  • The best way to select soap is to first check the ingredients that are mentioned in the product.
  • Check if there are paraben and sulphate in the ingredient list or not.
  • If the ingredient list includes paraben and sulphate then the product is not safe to spend money on.
  • Look for products that contain only natural products because such products are safe for all skin types.

Pros of Using Liquid Hand Soap Despite Soap Bar:

Liquids hand soap is good for usage than the soap bar due to multiple reasons.

  • The soap bar’s surface contains bacterium and dust particles as it is constantly exposed to the air.
  • Whereas liquid form of soap comes in bottles by which they are not in direct contact with germs present in the air.
  • There are chances that the soap bar will make your skin dry as it contains a high amount of alkali base.
  • The liquid form of soap made up of organic ingredients does not make your skin dry.
  • Soap bars produce less lather as compare to Liquidized soaps.

Considering the pros of Liquidized soap, it is not wrong to say that it is worthy enough to use.

Avail the facility of buying products Online:

Our brand stands out among all other brands with its reliable facility of online shopping in Pakistan. You can buy soap for washing your hands online without any hassle. All the different kind of soaps that it provides is available on its online site. Customers can select a product that best suits their skin and can place an order for it. It saves its customers from the fatigue of bargaining. Variant products are available in different price ranges. Customers select the product online that best suits their budget and can place an order for it from WBMInternational. Moreover, customers do not need to worry about payments. By availing the cash on delivery service, customers can place orders upon delivery of the ordered product.

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