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How to Create An Anonymous Facebook Account

Create Anonymous Facebook Account

There is always some fresh controversy around Facebook. These include everything from dishonest advertising to turning off Meta headphones. It’s not a bad idea to delete your primary Facebook account, but if you wish to continue utilizing the network in some capacity, you can always set up a second, anonymous Facebook account.

It’s possible that you need one for work, namely to handle the social media accounts associated with the firm that you work for. It’s possible that you own a Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset, which, in order to use it for the first time, requires you to have a Facebook account. It’s possible that the people you care about use Messenger rather than any other messaging program.

You can minimize what Facebook records if you create an anonymous Facebook account, regardless of the motivations you might have for doing so.

Requirements to create an anonymous Facebook account

There are undoubtedly a lot of factors contributing to your decision to avoid posting any of your private information on Facebook. However, when considered realistically, they may all be reduced to a single, straightforward answer: privacy.

You might be concerned that Facebook will improperly use the information you provide or that identity thieves of some other kind will harvest the information you provide.

It’s possible that you’d rather not allow folks from your past find out where you are by searching for your true identity on the internet because you’re concerned about your personal safety. You might also find it more comfortable to conceal your identity among the people you work with.

Another typical explanation is that you work in the field of social media management, marketing, or a field related to either of those. It’s possible that your employer will ask you to handle the company’s Facebook account, but you should avoid linking it to your personal profile if at all possible.

All of these are excellent arguments in favor of maintaining your privacy on Facebook; now let’s have a look at the requirements for creating an anonymous profile.

How to create an anonymous Facebook account

It doesn’t take long at all to create a brand-new Facebook account in secret. There are a few stages that could lead you astray and cause you to link your personal information to the account that you are attempting to set up as anonymously as possible. We will demonstrate the things that you should steer clear of.

First, you need a new email address

You will need a new email account that is not currently associated with your real identity in order to maintain the anonymity of your newly created anonymous Facebook account. This is significant because anyone may follow the trail of your email back to you.

If you join up for Facebook using an email address that already exists, there is a possibility that Facebook will be able to link your anonymous account to your real name. Any of the websites or services that you’ve used that email address on might be able to lead them right back to you.

In order to rectify this situation, we are going to switch to a secure email service. Additionally, we will use fictitious information for our names, dates of birth, and any other information that they may need from us.

We choose ProtonMail because it provides you with encrypted email and a free plan that allows you to send and receive enough messages per day to utilize Facebook.

  1. Go to on your browser and click on Get Proton for free
  2. Choose your username. This should be one that doesn’t track back to any other email you use, your real name, or anyone in your household.
  3. Choose your password. It’s a clever idea to use one you’ve never used before.
  4. Set your display name
  5. Click on Maybe later when asked for a recovery phone number or recovery email address

You now have access to an anonymous email account that does not contain any of your personally-identifying information in any way. It’s high time you visited Facebook.

Now sign up for Facebook with that anonymous email address

The first thing is we don’t want Facebook to even think we have an account already.

  1. Open any browser and go into Incognito mode
  2. Go to Facebook
  3. Click on Create New Account
  4. Fill in your fake credentials
  5. Do not, at any stage, put your phone number into the form fields. Your phone number is tied to any number of other services and querying it will invariably connect your incognito account to your real name.
  6. We suggest using a Facebook Avatar instead of using any other profile picture

Oh, and if Facebook asks if it can have access to your contacts, you should respond with a negative answer. That’s almost even more embarrassing than giving out your phone number.

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Add the accounts you want, and only those ones

The problem with anonymous accounts is that maintaining that anonymity will need ongoing effort on your part. Consider how frequently Facebook makes suggestions about “people you may already know.” Congratulations, you have managed to outwit their system if you do not receive any hits that are relevant to your true details (so far). Now is the moment to make sure that it stays that way. Perhaps you should just add your most reliable and close pals to that account. To be honest, you probably shouldn’t even add those.

Do not add anyone or anything to your friends or likes list if the purpose of your account is to act as an administrator for a brand account. It is all too easy to add anything to your incognito account when you’re trying to do something for the brand, so this will require ongoing awareness on the part of the user.

Be wary of agreeing to any of the buddy requests that come your way. Those notifications could come from anyone whom Facebook considers to be connected to the friends list associated with your anonymous account. If Facebook is associating things to your IP address, they could even be from people who are connected to your personal profile that is visible to the public.

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Final thoughts

Facebook will send you many requests to confirm your new account after it has been created. Under no circumstances should you ever agree to let Facebook validate your account using your phone number. Got it?

According to the information provided by the company, you do not own a phone. If you join into your incognito account on the mobile app then again if you sign in to Messenger, it will ask you to confirm your identity once more.

Stay away from the mobile applications if at all possible. After all, using this account will result in no one being added to the friends list you keep.

If you really have to validate your account, use a disposable email address. Never use this email address for anything other than your incognito Facebook account, and under no circumstances should you use it for any other accounts.

It is up to you at this point to ensure that the newly created anonymous account is kept secret. Avoid adding an excessive number of people you already know. Don’t include any that are beyond your ken in the list. Again, maybe don’t add anyone.

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