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How to create a video chat with others on Snapchat?

Video chat on Snapchat

To keep in touch with your loved ones during this period of confinement, many applications, and in particular certain social networks, offer a group video call feature. We are thinking in particular of WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Instagram. More surprisingly, Snapchat also offers multiple videos calling options, with a limit of 16 users at a time. To take advantage of this option, follow this tutorial which brings together the 5 steps to follow to start a group video chat.

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Create a video call to many on Snapchat

It is very easy to set up a Snapchat group chat, for this:

  • Start Snapchat.
  • Tap the Chat icon, bottom left.
  • Open a new chat by tapping the bubble icon with a pencil, top right.
  • Select multiple friends from the list, then tap Chat with a group.
  • Start a video call with the video camera icon at the top of the window.

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Your contacts will then receive a notification asking them to join the chat, and when they do, a bubble with their name will appear on your screen.

Note that voicemail messages can accommodate up to 32 members, and videos are limited to 16.

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