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How Pandemic Impacts the Usage of Technology in Everyday Life?

Pandemic Impacts the Usage of Technology

Coronavirus has been the cause of a worldwide crisis that is ripping up through a world much interconnected by technology. But if we want to compare with the previous breakout of Covid-19 those as SARS, MERS, and Ebola. The technology provides the leaders and their countries with new tools that respond very effectively. So, the speed of the Coronavirus pandemic requires leaders to reorganize their government that must be the focus intensively on crises response. Then, it needs to prioritizing testing and scaling up basic technology and also, medical equipment.

Almost all countries have their own different circumstances when they responding to the crisis. They have to decide to fight against Covid-19 and also, prevent the loss of their life. Then, have to navigate the enormous economy. Also, well social disruption caused to cushion the impact. Therefore, the leaders and their countries select to approach technology and their policies. They put in different places around this that will make the difference between bearable outcomes and catastrophic outcomes.

In the last few months have observed the raise the awareness of the threat from the breakout of COVID-19. The virus spread whole the world and we need to understand its means for the education system in each country. It needs to certain the virus in many countries that are implementing measures to decrease the gatherings of huge peoples. Different countries have the implementation measure in their educational system.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI helps the organization engage with the clients and also, increases the business procedure. AI permits us to make a sense of the faster data. Hence, in Covid when the time of concentrate and Artificial Intelligence help public officials predict rates and ICU demand, capacity.

Use Technology to fight the Covid-19

It is important to point in which we use technology to fight Covid-19. There is a need to make policy to tackle technology across the front, form the testing, and also, tracing to therapeutics and equipment. So that the spread of Coronavirus can be slow and eventually stop. The quick goal from all over the world is to defeat Covid-19 that is meant to detect rapidly. Those people who have to contract the Covid-19 and also, become unwell. You can start the come up from the lockdown and Artificial Intelligence help different companies to understand economic trends and their competitors and clients.

Using Technology to Cushion the Impact

There is a need for policymakers to support the ways people and companies are using the internet to come together and also, deal with new pressures as our lives shift online. Technology gives us new and sometimes shocking tools to arrange the economic and social interference. It has become a part of our daily lives. So, this is mostly cushioning impact as economies contract and our communities go into lockdown. Technology has an important role that plays in helping us retrieve.

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Faster Networks and 5G

Now you force work from home during the Coronavirus and multiple organization recognize positive result and after pandemic behind you still want to need stable wireless network. Therefore, your need many devices to be connect wirelessly will continue to enlarge will wide ranging streams of data. 5G fifth generation of the internet can transform things faster than 4G. 5G speed and reliability will enable more technology that adopted as a broad variety of companies. So, this technology used to perfectly that is require a mobile network and capable of handling the huge amount of data. 5G allow the people for the connection that is need on the mobile internet and will also, able to expand with the capabilities of the 5th generation. It can open the door to various use cases like as in entertainment, gaming that capable to all other technology.

Guiding for Policymakers

Technology is not a silver bullet if want to fight with Covid-19 then we need the right leadership. We cannot fight against Coved-19 without the right leadership. It provides leaders choice and buys their counties time which is very valuable. Technology should use unquestioningly and operate in crises that do not remove the practical and moral responsibility on leaders to be responsive. The latest technology must be carefully studied and take a decision intentionally. But now is not the time to let the best opposite of the well. It is for leaders to hold the organization to their values and reflect openly, honestly to the people serve. The leaders and policymakers keep in remember key principles when considering the principles that technology should play in Covid-19.

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