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XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K LED Projector Review

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K LED Projector

When you first considered purchasing a home projector, you probably imagined connecting it to your laptop via an HDMI cable and sharing your laptop screen in order to have a big-screen experience. With the advancement of technology, home projectors have made significant advancements over their predecessors. The greatest option for you when it comes to big-screen action at the movies or watching your favorite live sport is to bring the action into your own home with the help of a home projector.

With the XGIMI Horizon Pro, XGIMI has raised the bar on projection technology to new heights. The XGIMI Horizon Pro is a plug-and-play smart projector that runs on Android and has WiFi connectivity. In order to use the device, you do not need a smartphone, laptop, Firestick, or anything else; all you need to do is plug it in and turn on the projector, and your screen will be projected onto your wall in 7-8 seconds.

The XGIMI Horizon Pro is a 4K LED projector with a built-in sound system and an Android TV, among other features. The projector is highly portable, and it is extremely simple to set up anywhere you want it to be used.

The Horizon Pro is a high-end device with incredibly high performance that has a luxurious design. Because it operates on Android TV, you can use the gadget without any input. In essence, it is a portable television without a screen.

The Horizon Pro is packaged in a rectangular box with three accessories, including a power cable, a power brick, and a remote control. The projector is around 3 kg in weight and has an aluminum mesh side panel as well as a black matte plastic top and bottom.

The lens of the projector is fixed to the front of the device, while all other controls, such as the power button, volume up and down buttons, and play button, are located on the top. On the back of the projector, there are two HDMI ports, one USB port, and one Ethernet port, all of which seamlessly merge into the overall design.

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During a movie or video viewing session, Horizon Pro’s twin 8W Harmon Kardon sound system provides an entirely different experience than before. It also has the capability of connecting to an external speaker.


The automated focus on the Horizon Pro is effective and precise. No matter where you place your projector, the automatic focus feature will automatically adjust the focus to the best possible setting for you. The autofocus camera is permanently attached to the lens, and every time you power on your projector, the autofocus feature is activated. You can also activate this option using your remote control.

Additionally, the Horizon Pro has an automated keystone adjustment capability. With the use of artificial intelligence, the user may position the projector at any height in the room and use this feature to set up the screen from any position. It also detects obstructions and adjusts the projection area accordingly. Once the automated adjustment is complete, you can make manual adjustments to the projection screen.

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Horizon Pro is a fantastic 4K UHD projector with excellent display capabilities that ensure you don’t miss out on the enjoyment of viewing movies, television shows or playing video games. Because the gadget runs on Android TV and is compatible with Chromecast, as well as having an integrated sound system, it may be used for a variety of purposes.

The only disadvantage is the cost, which is particularly high for Indian consumers. However, if we disregard the price, it is one of the best projectors available, and it can easily replace your television displays while providing you with an experience that will leave you speechless.

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