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What is PlayStation VR? Know All Features

PlayStation VR

Sony is developing a 4K resolution PlayStation VR for the next stage of play with the PS5 console, a big move towards accessories for the console and additional gaming features. Virtual realities have been available since the PS4 but recent advances indicate a more sophisticated VR experience for the PlayStation with haptic feedback.

Attendee Kristen Sarah uses Sony’s Playstation VR on Sony’s booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on 9 January. CES is the largest annual consumer technology trade fair worldwide, taking place from 12 January, and has around 3,900 exhibitors presenting their latest products and services to over 170,000 participants.

PS VR from the PS Move, a system similar to the Nintendo Wii, was developed from the PlayStation 3 which copied movements through the PS Eye without the VR glazes. The first PS VR has been launched in 2016 and features a regular 1080p HD with its 5.7-inch OLED monitor lenses.

Initially, it was discovered last year that there would be a PS VR soon and that they will enter the PlayStation 5 with its release, but, regrettably, November 2020 is over and the device has not been mentioned. PS VR 2 was most anticipated by fans, especially those who like a virtual reality centered around them in the story of the game.

PS VR with 4K, Haptic Feedback, and Foveated Image Rendering

Sony PS VR
A PSVR 2 patent has been submitted by Sony.

Since the release of the PlayStation VR in 2016, there have been reports circulating since then in the new PS VR version. No names are included in the leaks and speculations, which are just called “PS VR 2.” However, the speculation revealed that the device was supposedly being developed by Sony.

According to a patent from Sony (obtained by Let’s Go Digital), the next PS VR will have a function of haptic feedback or vibrations when a step, danger, or alarm occurs in the game. In addition, the display of the computer in the 1440×2160 p or 4K resolution, corresponding to that of modern displays, was also proposed.

Moreover, to protect the eyes, UploadVR suggested that The PlayStation VR2 is called “Foveated Image Rendering” which is an eye-focused type of rendering. The surrounding areas of the show would be pixelated or blurred so that the eyes would not become so stressed by a near organ display.

When is the New PS VR Coming?

Watching eSports for Sony PlayStation VR owners could soon be a more complex experience, outlined in two patents. The problem is that patents are not necessarily actual goods or characteristics.

Although leaks and speculations of the device imply it will soon be coming from PlayStation, it is still uncertain that the actual release date for the company is under heavy secrets. Even leakers and speculators don’t know when the PS VR comes and nobody can say it will come this year.

That indicates that the PS VR is not yet coming this year because it is still being developed or designed by the company and does not really produce its prototypes. These leaks and speculations with a grain of salt are significant, because at this point nothing is verified by Sony.

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