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Top 10 WordPress Themes for Your Next Website

Top WordPress Themes
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The digital world is expanding at an exponential rate. Every hour, almost a thousand web pages are created. We are talking about petabytes of information every hour. To understand the volume of this, let’s say there are a million Gigas in a Petabyte or 1,000 terabytes. If we consider that it is estimated that the human mind can hold 1.25 terabytes of information, a petabyte would be the equivalent of some 800 human minds.

Although these numbers certainly surprise you, the truth is that most of those who join the digital world rely on the WordPress platform to help them with the process of having a website that works quickly. Considering that there are more than 100 million web pages (and counting), WordPress is by far the most popular CMS that exists. And that may be the reason why the market for WordPress themes is in full growth explosion.

However, with hundreds of thousands of topics that exist, how do you know which one is best for your next web page? And although this is a subjective issue, these pre-armed themes, which offer a more friendly transition to cyberspace, can be divided into different groups.

Some themes are perfect for e-commerce stores while others are ideal for a blog. However, the best theme for your project should be determined based on certain criteria. Not only should it be aesthetic and attractive, but it also has to be mobile responsive. Think that Google searches are now mobile-first, which means that the websites that have this are the ones that Google will index first, and mobile searches are much larger than desktop, so a responsive design is important.

When a design is responsive, it looks and works just as well on desktops or on mobile devices like phones or tablets. However, building a design that responds to you alone is not so easy. Believe me, I have built hundreds of them. And unless you’re a super pro in systems like Twitter Bootstrap, building responsive designs for different media is an exhaustive task. That’s why some of the best themes in WordPress emphasize this crucial aspect.

How to choose the best theme for your web page

Whether you’re starting a business or you’re trying to find out what kind of business you want to start, there are certain things you should set when you choose a theme for your WordPress site. Some topics are specialized in e-commerce stores while others are ideal for membership sites. Anyway, the safest thing is that you need some plugins to make everything work correctly.

After almost two decades of developing software, websites, and mastering SEO, I can tell you that there are 7 critical categories on which any application or software extension (WordPress themes) is judged.

1. Easy installation:

Although there are hundreds of WordPress themes on the market, the best ones are easy to install. There should be a simple interface that will help you get started easily and quickly, without too much programming.

2. A certain level of customization allowed:

The add-ons pre-armed, tailor-made plugins, and a high degree of personalization make the issues are much more powerful. Although some themes focus on a high level of personalization, others do not.

3. Mobile usability:

Mobile usability is basic. Think Google Places is based on this, and finding the right WordPress theme that allows you a responsive mobile design is one of the key factors when looking for your ideal subject.

4. Speed ​​in general:

As a developer, I can tell you first-hand that your programming style has a lot to do with it. It may be too saturated with code or it may be light and compact. This last one is important so that the speed of the load of the pages is good, something crucial to retain your users and to rank better in SEO.

5. Aesthetic appearance:

The aesthetic appearance of a subject is important. How clean does your theme look and feel? Do you look professional or amateur? People pay a lot of attention to design, so make sure you choose the right theme that is based on high-quality design.

6. User Reviews:

Reviews are important when it comes to a product or service. And when it comes to discovering the perfect subject, you must pay close attention to what others say. What is the general consensus among other users? Are your reviews authentic?

7. Continuous support and improvements:

Support is another important aspect in any business, especially in one that requires constant evolution and improvements to keep up with WordPress core updates. Make sure that the item you buy has some kind of continuous support and that they are constantly evolving, making improvements and updates and adding new features.

Top themes for WordPress sites

Although any list of WordPress themes can be considered subjective, the above criteria help to narrow down the search for the perfect topic. Here’s the article that I consider to be the best.

1. X-Theme

I lean towards the X-Theme, in fact, it is the theme that I currently use in my blog and I had an incredible experience with it. Gather the 7 aspects that I exposed and do it particularly well. X-Theme was created by ThemeCo, and offers a highly customizable, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use interface. This is a subject that is definitely worth reviewing.

2. Avada

Another of the most versatile themes that I have come across is Avada, one of the best selling themes, created by Theme Fusion. It offers an interface with a powerful design that allows you to customize almost all the graphic elements of your website in WordPress.

3. Hexater

Hexater is a fantastic theme that allows you to customize your website easily and quickly, without having to invest hundreds of hours deciphering how to do it, and without having to have a master’s degree in graphic design. This topic offers quick selling options for things like product launches, e-books, and niche sites, to name a few.

4. BeTheme

BeTheme is a massive theme built for WordPress with over 260 variations that can be launched with a single click. This powerful theme is beautiful, responsive, and fast-loading, as well as being highly customizable. The company offers fast and reliable support, lifetime updates, and an optimized framework for SEO.

5. The7

The7 is one of the most customizable themes that exist on the WordPress platform. It includes a visual component with a beautiful design and over 750 theme options, plus 26 pre-built websites that are easy to launch with a single click.

6. Flatsome

Flatsome is a great subject if you are planning to run an e-commerce store with the WooCommerce plugin. It is, by far, one of the best selling WordPress themes for WooCommerce. It is highly customizable, offers constant updates, fast loading, has a responsive design, and has pre-armed designs with constant updates.

7. Uncode

Uncode is a WordPress theme that gives you the ability to create beautiful designs with an ultra-fast loading framework. There are more than 200 designs, a very versatile visual component, and offers more than 30 ready-to-use designs that can help you get online quickly and without worry.

8. Genesis

Genesis is a framework for WordPress that allows you to create incredibly beautiful and fascinating websites, highly customizable. This theme offers you a lightweight design, optimized for speed, and offers advanced customization options that give you the ability and flexibility to build almost any type of website.

9. Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade offers a visually stunning theme for WordPress designed for various situations, which is perfect for different occupations such as restaurants, photographers, bloggers, designers, and more. The theme is customizable, responsive, and very easy to use.

10. Storefront

Storefront is an infallible WordPress theme that was designed specifically for the WooCommerce add-on. It’s a great way to build an easy and fast e-commerce store and offers a series of extensible customization options with a fast-loading framework that makes creating an online story easy and straight to the point.

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