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The Third BuiltByHer Hackathon is Finished

The Third BuiltByHer Hackathon is Finished

Do you know The Third BuiltByHer Hackathon is Finished? The top eleven teams competed in a competitive grand finale at the National Incubation Center Karachi, which hosted the event in conjunction with The Asia Foundation.

BuiltByHer is a 48-hour hackathon where teams led by women are expected to tackle the most urgent problems facing society. Over 130 teams submitted proposals for the third round of the competition, which was only dedicated to the topic of climate change. 11 teams were asked to pitch in the final round following the last three-day hackathon.

The Third BuiltByHer Hackathon is Finished
The Third BuiltByHer Hackathon is Finished

The judges selected Bhaan, led by Nayab Raza, and She-Guard, led by Mehreen Raza, as the winners of the third BuiltByHer Hackathon after carefully examining and evaluating the ideas. A seed payment of PKR 850,000 will be given to the winners so they can develop and scale their solutions.

She-Guard is a brand of herbal-treated, biodegradable sanitary pads that has the ability to address major health problems, environmental challenges, and solid waste issues.

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BHAAN is creating freshwater microalgae-based bio-fertilizers that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and have the ability to address climate change, energy shortages, and food poverty.

BuiltByHer 3.0 is yet another fruitful partnership between NIC Karachi and the Asia Foundation, according to Farva Minhas, programme coordinator at The Asia Foundation.

We have been able to empower young women all throughout the country as a result of our collaboration. In addition to the hackathon, we are working with NICK to implement the “Impact Collective” programme, which will foster research-based discussion among academics and policymakers about how to use ESG frameworks to strengthen Pakistan’s climate resilience.

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, BuiltByHer was established in 2020 to provide STEM-based solutions that would empower Pakistani women. The third BuiltByHer hackathon focused mostly on addressing climate change-related concerns, which was a timely project given the impact that climate change has had on the country. The second BuiltByHer hackathon was focused on STEM and climate change-based topics.

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The hackathon has produced a sizable group of female mentors, coaches, and hackers over the past three years who are always working to improve gender equity in the Pakistani educational and technological ecosystem. Numerous female entrepreneurs, inventors, and change agents who wished to start their own businesses with the intention of having a beneficial impact on their communities have benefited from the hackathon.

“Pakistan is going through one of the toughest periods in its history, the nation is dealing with devastating floods, and we can’t rely on conventional methods to address this problem,” stated Sana Shah, Program Manager NIC Karachi. Hundreds of climate change activists who will inform their communities and foster climate resilience are expected to emerge from the third BuiltByHer, we anticipate.

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