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The Pakistani Interduce An Electric Taxi For Women in Karachi

The Pakistani Interduce An Electric Taxi For Women in Karachi

The Pakistani Interduce An Electric Taxi For Women in Karachi are a new development in women’s safe and secure transportation. In order to protect customers and female drivers, pink taxis include a camera surveillance system.

To better serve Karachi’s residents, the Sindh government has started offering electric taxi services. Pink taxis were created with the intention of empowering female drivers and passengers.

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Govt to launch women-only, electric taxi service in Karachi

 Electric Taxi Women Karachi
Electric Taxi Women Karachi

But in Karachi, “the government will launch an Electric vehicle (EV) taxi service.” To begin this taxi service under the Sindh Mass Transit Authority, we have essentially agreed. the transport minister for Sindh, Sharjeel Memon, stated on Tuesday.

Additionally, he added that the service would launch in two phases, each of which would be either pink or blue.
We will launch a pink cab service in Karachi that will be exclusively for female passengers, he continued. The pink cab drivers will all be female.

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He added that compared to traditional taxis and ride-hailing services, the electric taxi service would be safer, more economical, and more comfortable for city residents.

The goverment of Pakistan Will Interduce only for Women taxi Service in Karachi

Additionally, the government intends to link the recently launched Orange Bus Rapid Transit Service (BRTS) with the Green Line BRTS, according to the Sindh confirmation and Transport Minister. It will become a more financially viable mass transit service thanks to this connectivity.

Sharjeel Memon claims that the government is always making efforts to improve Karachi’s public transit alternatives. The list also includes Karachi and other important regions of the province. He exudes optimism as he says that the public will soon observe the improvements taking place in the provincial capital.

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