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Telenor Internet Packages 2024 – 3G, 4G, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor Internet Packages 2024

Looking for the Telenor Internet Packages in 2024? As you know Telenor is one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunication companies, offering a diverse range of internet packages to cater to the varied needs of its customers. These packages are designed to provide flexibility, affordability, and convenience to users, ensuring that everyone, from casual internet surfers to heavy data users, finds a plan that suits their needs. Telenor’s internet packages are available in various formats, including daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions, allowing users to choose based on their usage patterns and budget constraints.

The daily packages are perfect for users who require internet access for a short period, providing them with a cost-effective solution for their immediate data needs. Weekly packages, on the other hand, cater to those who need internet connectivity over a longer duration without committing to a monthly plan, offering a balance between affordability and data volume. For users with extensive data consumption, Telenor’s monthly packages offer the best value, ensuring uninterrupted internet access throughout the month.

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Telenor’s commitment to delivering high-speed internet is evident in its 3G and 4G packages, which are engineered to provide a seamless internet experience, facilitating activities ranging from basic web browsing and email checking to high-definition video streaming and online gaming. The company’s extensive network coverage ensures that users can enjoy consistent and reliable internet services no matter where they are in Pakistan.

In addition to the standard packages, Telenor also offers specialized data bundles tailored for specific needs, such as social media packs, video bundles, and night internet packages, further enhancing the user experience by providing more targeted solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Telenor continually updates its internet packages, incorporating feedback to meet the evolving demands of its users, making it a go-to choice for mobile internet services in Pakistan.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor’s daily internet packages offer a range of options tailored to meet various data needs with easy subscription methods. Below are some of the popular daily internet packages from Telenor along with their subscription codes:

  1. Daily Lite 4G Package
    • Data Volume: 50MB
    • Price: PKR 14.28 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *12#
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • Ideal for users needing quick access to the internet for light browsing and email checking.
  2. Daily Social Pack
    • Data Volume: 70MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter
    • Price: PKR 2.5 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *311#
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • Perfect for staying connected on social media platforms without worrying about data consumption.
  3. Daily YouTube Package
    • Data Volume: 500MB for YouTube
    • Price: PKR 8 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *60#
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • Designed for users who want to catch up on short video content, vlogs, or tutorials on YouTube.
  4. Telenor Good Time Offer
    • Data Volume: 200MB (Plus 50MB for Facebook)
    • Price: PKR 6 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 34520#
    • Validity: 2 hours (Not valid during 6 PM to 9 PM)
    • Offers a quick burst of data for users looking for immediate, short-term internet usage.
  5. Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package
    • Data Volume: 1.5GB
    • Price: PKR 18 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *150#
    • Validity: 12 hours (12 AM to 12 PM)
    • Suited for night-time users, providing a substantial amount of data at a lower cost for downloading and streaming.
  6. 4G Daily Unlimited Internet Package
    • Data Volume: 350MB (1 AM to 7 PM)
    • Price: PKR 16 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *10#
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • For users who require a significant amount of data during off-peak hours.

These packages offer a variety of options for Telenor users, catering to different needs from social media browsing to night-time surfing and video streaming. To subscribe, users simply need to dial the respective USSD code from their Telenor number. It’s advisable to check the latest packages and their details on Telenor’s official website or through their customer service, as the company frequently updates packages to better suit their customers’ needs.

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor’s weekly internet packages offer a convenient way for users to stay connected without the need to subscribe daily. These packages are designed to cater to a variety of needs, from moderate internet users to those who require heavy data usage throughout the week. Below are some popular Telenor weekly internet packages along with their subscription codes:

  1. Weekly Zoom Package
    • Data Volume: 5GB for Zoom
    • Price: PKR 80 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 34556#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Ideal for professionals and students who rely on Zoom for meetings and online classes.
  2. Weekly Social Pack
    • Data Volume: 3500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter
    • Price: PKR 50 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *660#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Perfect for users who are active on social media and need dedicated data for these platforms.
  3. Weekly YouTube Package
    • Data Volume: 5GB for YouTube
    • Price: PKR 80 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *220#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Best for video enthusiasts who want to stream content on YouTube without worrying about data limits.
  4. Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra
    • Data Volume: 8GB + 1GB Goonj/GameBox
    • Price: PKR 185 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *336#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Offers a substantial amount of data for users needing extensive internet access throughout the week.
  5. Telenor Weekly Internet All In One
    • Data Volume: 1500MB + PKR 100 for Calls & SMS
    • Price: PKR 120 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 34575#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • A comprehensive package for users who not only need data but also value for calls and SMS.
  6. Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package
    • Data Volume: 1000MB + 350MB for Social Pack
    • Price: PKR 115 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 57#
    • Validity: 7 Days
    • Designed for users looking for a balanced package that includes internet data and social media usage.

To subscribe to any of these weekly internet packages, Telenor users need to dial the respective subscription code from their mobile phone. It’s important to note that prices and data volumes are subject to change, so users are encouraged to check Telenor’s official website or contact their customer service for the most current information. These packages provide a mix of data volumes and prices to suit different user preferences and internet usage habits.

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Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor’s monthly internet packages are designed for users who prefer the convenience of long-term data plans without the hassle of frequent subscriptions. These packages cater to a wide range of needs, from moderate to heavy internet users, offering substantial data volumes at competitive prices. Below are some of Telenor’s popular monthly internet packages along with their subscription codes:

  1. Monthly Data Offer
    • Data Volume: 9GB (including 1GB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox)
    • Price: PKR 200 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *301#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Ideal for users looking for a balanced data volume for regular browsing and social media use.
  2. Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package
    • Data Volume: 1500MB for WhatsApp
    • Price: PKR 5 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *247#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Perfect for WhatsApp users needing ample data for messaging, voice, and video calls.
  3. Telenor 4G Monthly Ultra
    • Data Volume: 20GB (10GB 12 AM – 8 AM)
    • Price: PKR 450 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *335#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Best suited for heavy data users, including a portion of the data allocated for night-time use.
  4. Telenor Monthly Starter Bundle
    • Data Volume: 8GB (4GB 1 AM – 7 AM)
    • Price: PKR 300 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial *302#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • A great option for users needing a moderate amount of data spread throughout the month.
  5. Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package
    • Data Volume: 3000MB
    • Price: PKR 418 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 34530#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • Offers a decent data volume along with other benefits, ideal for users with average internet needs.
  6. Telenor 4G Monthly Plus Package
    • Data Volume: 10GB
    • Price: PKR 896.25 (incl. tax)
    • Subscription Code: Dial 345136#
    • Validity: 30 Days
    • For users who require a lot of data for intensive internet use without the restriction of timing.

These monthly internet packages from Telenor provide a convenient solution for users seeking consistent internet access over an extended period. To subscribe, simply dial the respective code from your Telenor number. Always ensure to check the latest offerings and their details on Telenor’s official website or by contacting their customer service, as packages and prices may undergo updates to better serve customer needs.

Why Choose Telenor Internet Services?

Choosing Telenor Internet Services comes with a host of benefits that cater to a wide range of customer needs, making it a preferred choice for many users in Pakistan. Here are several compelling reasons why individuals opt for Telenor for their internet services:

  1. Wide Coverage: Telenor boasts extensive network coverage across Pakistan, ensuring that users enjoy consistent and reliable internet services in both urban and rural areas. This wide coverage is a significant advantage for users who travel frequently or reside in remote locations.
  2. High-Speed Internet: With the rollout of 4G services across the country, Telenor provides high-speed Internet access, allowing users to enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading. The speed and efficiency of Telenor’s 4G network make it an attractive option for those requiring fast internet connectivity.
  3. Affordable and Flexible Packages: Telenor offers a variety of internet packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans, tailored to suit different usage patterns and budgets. This flexibility enables users to select a package that best matches their needs without overspending on unnecessary data.
  4. Easy Subscription Process: Subscribing to Telenor internet packages is straightforward, with options to activate plans via USSD codes, the Telenor website, or the mobile app. This ease of subscription adds to the user-friendly experience, allowing customers to quickly and conveniently access internet services.
  5. Innovative and User-Centric Services: Telenor is known for its innovative approach to telecommunications, offering services like Telenor Capture for photo storage, and the Telenor Health app. These value-added services enhance the overall user experience, providing more than just basic internet connectivity.
  6. Excellent Customer Support: Telenor places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive support through various channels, including helplines, service centers, and social media platforms. The availability of timely and helpful customer service enhances the reliability of Telenor’s internet services.
  7. Social Responsibility and Community Involvement: Telenor is actively involved in community development and digital inclusion initiatives, aiming to increase internet accessibility and digital literacy across Pakistan. Choosing Telenor also means supporting these efforts to bridge the digital divide.
  8. Continuous Network Upgradation: Telenor continuously invests in network infrastructure and technology upgrades to improve service quality and introduce new features. This commitment to advancement ensures that users benefit from the latest in telecommunications technology.

For users in Pakistan, Telenor Internet Services offer a compelling mix of quality, affordability, and innovation, making it a top choice for individuals seeking reliable and high-speed internet access.

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