Super Alexa Mode: What is it? How to Make It Active

It is a tremendous treat whenever we can uncover obscure technical aspects. One such instance is the well-known and beloved Easter egg in Amazon’s Alexa device the realm of technology, Easter eggs allude to any inside jokes or allusions made by the creators. Similarly to this, users of Alexa recently learned about a secret mode.

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Super Alexa Mode: What is it?

An amusing Easter egg from the developers, makes fun of classic video games. If you enter a specific code used in common games, Alexa will answer to your voice command with an exciting response.

If you’ve played video games for a while, you’ve definitely played classics like Gradius or Contra. Players frequently used their Nintendo to play those games with better settings by entering the Konami cheat code. especially when players struggled to defeat challenging bosses in the game. So, the response given when Super Alexa Mode is activated makes reference to such fond video games.

This hidden mode is just a feature for consumers’ sheer pleasure and won’t actually tell Alexa to do anything.

The best way to start Super Alexa Mode.

You only need to recite the following code aloud to enter this mode.

Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start is the command that is utilized.

Alexa will announce its activation by saying, “Super Alexa Mode, activated. launching the reactors online. online enabling of advanced systems. raising miscreants. Error. Missing is Dongers. Aborting.” Alexa only responds to the command in that way.

Super Alexa Mode, The term “Dongers” in Alexa’s response alludes to a meme that Michael Santana, better known by his screen name Imaqtipie, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, created. He once referred to the League of Legends champion Heimerdinger as “Donger” while streaming. In the end, his audience accepted the nickname well. Later, he also coined the expression “Raise your Dongers,” which quickly gained notoriety among League of Legends players.

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