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Reimagine Agriculture in Pakistan Acumen Draws up Key Player


Do you know Reimagine Agriculture in Pakistan Acumen Draws up Key Player? Pakistan’s agriculture is in trouble. A vulnerable ecosystem that has already been severely damaged by global warming and extreme weather events has been formed by declining yields, declining soil fertility, a lack of high-quality inputs, and a shortage of water.

From left to right, the caption Ayesha Khan (MD, Acumen Pakistan), Sadia Khan (Commissioner, SECP), Dr. Akmal Siddiq (Technical Advisor, Ministry of National Food Security & Research), and Aamir Ibrahim (CEO, Jazz)

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In turn, this poses a threat to destroy food systems and widen the economic gap in a country vulnerable to and dependent on agriculture. Facilitating talks between various stakeholders is essential for Pakistan’s agriculture to recover. Reimagining Agriculture in Pakistan was a conference put on by Acumen on July 4, 2022, that included businesspeople, academics, and thought leaders from the financial sector, government, and the agricultural industry. The event’s panellists stressed the necessity of rethinking the agro value chain, introducing pro-farmer laws, and establishing an enabling regulatory framework.

1) Public-sector leadership is essential for the growth of agriculture. This is one of the main ideas that came out of the conversations. Government has always taken the lead in areas where agriculture has flourished for three reasons: 1) Pakistan faces an existential threat due to the water, agriculture, and climate nexus; 2) Data and technology are vital; and 3). P2P financing, digital marketplaces, smart farming, crop advising, and digital financial solutions (DFS) are a few examples. Through a spotlight session hosted by members of the Acumen community, the event also emphasised the experience and perspectives of entrepreneurs working directly in the field.

Dr. Ayesha Khan, Managing Director of Acumen, stressed during her speech the significance of emphasising climate resilient agriculture, ongoing conversation, and group action. “Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and the terrible effects of climate change threaten both the food security of our entire country as well as the future of millions of smallholder farmers. It’s encouraging to see a trend toward developing solutions, and we must work quickly to guarantee that everyone has access to inexpensive, wholesome food, said Dr. Khan.

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