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Microsoft is going to add RGB lighting controls to Windows 11


Do you know Microsoft is going to add RGB lighting controls to Windows 11? The Tech Times, Joseph Henry 12:02 PM, February 10, 2023 Users of Windows 11 must use third-party software to turn on RGB illumination on computer accessories like their keyboard and mouse. Microsoft’s operating system for PCs does not yet have an established environment to enable this feature.

RGB lighting controls to Windows 11

Microsoft is going to add RGB lighting controls to Windows 11
Microsoft is going to add RGB lighting controls to Windows 11

The most recent information from XDA Developers, however, would suggest that the business is striving to make this integration available to all customers who wish to personalise the RGB lighting for their PC accessories.

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This unreleased, top-secret functionality is rumoured to be retained in the Dev channel, especially in the most recent Insiders build. Microsoft is actively testing the addition of RGB controls to Windows 11 so that users can personalise their devices without the aid of external software.

Accessories with RGB lighting frequently include specialised software from the manufacturer. You may turn on the RGB illumination on your keyboard or headphones using this software.

Although it’s great that some businesses have this RGB lighting option, it doesn’t work with other accessories.

You must first download the necessary software onto your PC in order to install RGB controls on a keyboard. This may be a nuisance for individuals looking to save some space, assuming you don’t want to install any programmes on your computer.

Microsoft published the Windows 11 version 25295 on the Insiders channel earlier this week. It was still off limits to the general public at the time. The brightness level, lighting effect, and even the speed of your computer peripheral can all be adjusted using a specific option found in the same channel.

Albacore, a Twitter user who reportedly had a peek of this Windows 11 feature, claims that there will soon be an update allowing you to match the RGB colours of your accessories to the colour of your Windows.

With being said, you are no longer required to install their native apps in order to get the RGB effects if you use a Logitech or other peripheral manufacturer.

Microsoft will have a solution for this support very shortly. Simply examining the settings to see what you will get from there can save you a tonne of time.

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More Features Are Allegedly Coming to Windows 11

According to The Verge, Microsoft has not yet formally announced its plans to integrate built-in RGB lighting into Windows 11. In actuality, it only stated that further “experimental features” for the most recent Windows OS would be coming in late 2023.

In addition, we anticipate the appearance of third-party widgets, which will be an excellent tool for Spotify and Messenger users. Some developers have already encountered them on other development builds.

The software behemoth from Redmond is also anticipated to upgrade Windows 11’s audio controls and File Explorer user interface.

According to other rumours from TechRadar, Windows 11 will soon provide Android apps that run on PCs a performance boost. The function is still being tested.

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