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Discover HP Printer Password in 3 Easy Steps


Discover HP Printer Password, If you want to print wirelessly from your laptop or smartphone using Wi-Fi Direct, you’ll need your HP printer password. You no longer need to rely on other Wi-Fi networks because the printer develops its own Wi-Fi network thanks to this feature. You may quickly connect your device to Wi-Fi Direct in the Wi-Fi settings of your device and begin printing. But, in order to connect to the printer, a password is needed.

I’ve included every technique for locating your HP printer password in this article.

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Discover HP Printer Password, Using HP Smart

With HP Smart, a comprehensive software suite, the printer can be configured, documents can be printed, and printing preferences can be modified. Also, it allows you to view the printer’s password.

  1. Launch the HP Smart program.
  2. Selecting the Printer Settings tab
  3. Please select Advanced Settings.
  4. The Wi-Fi Direct Name and password are also shown there.
Discover HP Printer Password
Discover HP Printer Password

Discover HP Printer Password, By way of Network Page

For your HP printer, you may also print a network configuration sheet that includes complete details about the network state, the printer’s IP address, and the Wi-Fi Direct login information.

  1. On the printer’s control panel, look for the Wi-Fi and Information buttons.
  2. To get your printer to start printing a network page, press these buttons at the same time and hold them down for a short period of time.
  3. The Wi-Fi Direct section should contain the password.
Discover HP Printer Password
Discover HP Printer Password

Through printer’s display

Discover HP Printer Password, If your printer has a display panel, the password will be seen there. Here’s how to check it out.

  1. Use the touch panel on your printer to access the Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Switch Wi-Fi Direct on.
  3. The printer’s password is visible on the screen.
Discover HP Printer Password
Discover HP Printer Password
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