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Dell to Fire Over 6500 Workers in Tech Layoffs


Do you know Dell to Fire Over 6500 Workers in Latest Tech Layoffs? The 6500+ employees, who make about 5% of Dell’s overall staff, are being let go from various global infrastructure departments.
One of the top PC (Personal Computer) manufacturers in the world, Dell Technologies, recently stated that it will be laying off about 6500 employees worldwide. With this news, the business joined the ranks of other digital companies that caved to falling consumer demand and let a sizable portion of their workers go.

Dell to Fire Over 6500 Workers

Dell to Fire Over 6500 Workers
Dell to Fire Over 6500 Workers

Bloomberg estimates that the 6500+ employees being let go represent close to 5% of Dell’s 158,000+ employee workforce.

Jeff Clarke, Dell’s co-chief operating officer, stated that the business is dealing with “market conditions that continue to degrade with an uncertain future” while announcing the layoff plans on Monday.

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Since last year, the market demand for PCs and laptops has drastically decreased, according to Dell. Since the COVID-19 boom came to an end, virtually every other hardware maker has been experiencing losses in addition to Dell.

Demand for laptops and PCs increased in 2020 as more individuals began working and attending classes online. These businesses hired excessively because they failed to see that this need was just transitory.

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In practically all of the companies involved in the 2022–23 tech layoffs, this comparable trajectory of overhiring during the pandemic and then firing thousands the year after it was observed.

In 2023, the traditional PC market in India shrank by about 11.7% annually. A fall in sales was observed by Dell, one of the most popular PC brands in India, and other rival brands like Lenovo and HP replaced Dell as the market leader.

The leadership of the company has stated that Dell intends to restructure its organisation as the layoffs proceed and sees them as a chance to boost productivity.

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