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5 Legit Ways to Grow Your Brand with TikTok

Grow Your Brand With TikTok

TikTok has taken the world by storm, thanks to a 2018 merger of two Chinese apps, Douyin (video) and (social media service). TikTok is now the fourth most popular social media service after Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Its associated app was the single most downloaded non-game variety over the first six months of 2021 (383 million installs), and TikTok is now the fourth most popular social media service after Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Weixin/WeChat are three of the most popular social media platforms. Clearly, businesses aiming to expand would be foolish if they didn’t develop marketing strategies that addressed the platform’s now billion-plus monthly active users.

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I’ll show you how to accomplish it in a few different ways.

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1. Create a TikTok business account

If you want to grow your brand this year, you’ll need a TikTok business account. You can use them to:

Get real-time profile stats

Profile metrics from your company account can help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the success (or failure) of your social strategy. The amount of likes, comments, shares, video views, total viewer playing time, traffic sources, audience geography, and average playback duration are just a few of the critical performance statistics you’ll have access to. This information is vital since it’s impossible to make data-driven business decisions without metrics and analytics, and without a clear view of demographics, your marketing strategies can be hit or miss.

 Access audience insights

TikTok analytics are divided into four categories: content, followers, overview, and live. You’ll get direct information about who your audience is, their gender, where they’re reading your material from around the world, and how active they are on the app under the Followers area.

Add detailed information to your profile

Start with the basics, such as your company’s website, email address, and phone number. Then, with each post you publish, you may optimize it by including a keyword-rich description of the video, any relevant hashtags, and relevant links (to a merch store for example). Also, remember to tag your buddies with @[insertTikTokhandle]. If you wish to target a specific demographic or geographic place, you can also limit viewership.

2. Use a variety of ads in your marketing campaigns

TikTok allows businesses to generate several forms of advertisements.


TikTok’s basic advertising format is in-feed adverts. Users may share, like, comment, follow, and even record videos using their TikTok sound in these 15 to 60 second flicks. You can also run a variety of campaigns with varied goals. You can direct traffic to a website landing page or wherever you want them to go with the clickable “Call to Action” button.


These are the adverts that appear when you first open TikTok and are up to 60 seconds long. They’re perfect for capturing attention to a brand and growing its presence because they’re the first forms of advertising seen by users, ensuring a wider reach and higher impressions than other varieties.

Brand takeovers

If you’re looking for full-screen dynamic or static displays, brand takeovers is the category for you. It allows you to produce visually striking material similar to top-view ads (in that they are usually seen by users when they first open the app). The main distinction between the two is that brand takeover ads do not allow your audience to interact with them (cannot like the video nor comment on it).

These are comparable to the bumper commercials you see on YouTube, but they’re designed to be shorter (three to five seconds at most) and work best when coupled with the aforementioned ad types for maximum reach.

Managed ads

To get started, contact a TikTok sales representative, who will assist you in gaining access to additional formatting options like top view ads, branded effects, and branded hashtag challenges.

3. Invest in influencer marketing

This is a sort of social media advertising that involves brands working with people that have a large social following (influencers) for sponsorship opportunities, endorsement arrangements, and product placement features. When it comes to working with them, you have two choices: you can go for the breakout stars, those with the largest followings, or you can go for lesser-known but up-and-coming influencers in your specialty area. Spend some time on TikTok to get a sense of who’s who and then contact out to collaborate.

4. Don’t miss out on viral challenges

Viral challenges, in which users record themselves performing particular (generally prescribed) behaviors, have become extremely popular. The most common challenges on TikTok are hashtag and dancing challenges. You may make your ad memorable and share-worthy by using clever product placement with a funny twist.

Friendly brand rivalry is one type of funny advertising that appears to capture people’s attention. Consider the famous Audi vs. BMW billboard ad war, except instead of billboards, you can now employ the app’s different ad forms.

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5. Collaborate with other brands via TikTok marketing campaigns

Collaborating with influencers is one thing; collaborating with brands in the same industry is quite another. Working with someone who is doing better and has a larger following can give you the boost you need to break through in a competitive field. However, because this is a sensitive negotiation, don’t be discouraged if you get a few rejections at first. Continue pitching; you’ll eventually discover a brand with which to cooperate.

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