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Many Android Phones Will Soon Have Satellite Connectivity


Do you know Many Android Phones Will Soon Have Satellite Connectivity? Users of Android smartphones will be able to send and receive standard text messages thanks to this satellite connectivity in an emergency. One of the largest microprocessor companies in the world, Qualcomm, and the satellite phone company Iridium have teamed together to integrate satellite communication into Android phones. As soon as it is turned on, Android phone users will still be able to send and receive messages in places with no service.

Since almost all Android smartphones use Qualcomm chips, which are incredibly popular, this satellite is sure to be a success.

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Apple, the maker of the iPhone, released a comparable function in September 2022, but it came in second to Bullitt, a UK smartphone manufacturer, who introduced the first satellite connection for smartphones in some locations.

Android Phones Will Have Satellite Connectivity

Android Phones Will Have Satellite Connectivity
Android Phones Will Have Satellite Connectivity

Millions of smartphone users worldwide will have access to satellite connectivity thanks to this new cooperation. The programme now only enables users to send and receive fundamental emergency text messages without a mobile network connection.

However, activating or disabling satellite communication is up to the manufacturer without forcing users to stick with a specific brand.

The Qualcomm and Iridium satellite, which orbits 780 kilometres above the Earth, provides coverage worldwide.

The satellite communication technology, known as the Snapdragon Satellite, will only be present in high-end Qualcomm CPUs. The feature won’t likely be present in the majority of low-cost devices, thus.

The feature will initially only be accessible on mobile phones; eventually, it will also become available on tablets, laptops, and automobiles.

Because it addresses the issue of “not-spots,” or places where there is no existing coverage, satellite connectivity is widely seen as the next step for mobile phones. These are typically more prevalent in rural or isolated areas.

It has already been successfully used by firms like Elon Musk’s Starlink to provide broadband coverage.

Fast and generally dependable satellite internet is more expensive than cable or fibre connections.

Satellite connectivity will entirely eliminate the issue of spots with poor or no cell coverage once it is generally available. The tourism industry will be among the most significantly impacted by this, among many other businesses.

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