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FlexClip review–Online video editing web service

FlexClip Review

FlexClip is an online video editing web service developed by Pearl Mountain. You can instantly create videos from your browser using over 1,000 templates and over 4,000,000 royalty-free materials.

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As a personal feeling, many online video editing services have a minimum charge, but FlexClip can be used for free. However, if it is free, there are restrictions, so we will compare what difference there is.

Free plan

Monthly: $ 0 / month Annual: $ 0 / year

  • 480p SD quality download
  • Up to 1 video can be inserted into the project from the library
  • Save up to 12 projects
  • Video length up to 1 minute

Basic plan

Monthly: $ 9.99 / month Annual: $ 71.88 / year

  • 720p HD quality download
  • Up to 1 video can be inserted into the project from the library
  • Save unlimited projects
  • Video length up to 3 minutes
  • Custom watermark
  • No FlexClip intro
  • 10 GB cloud storage

Plus plan

Monthly: $ 19.99 / month Annual: $ 119.88 / year

  • 1080p full HD quality download
  • Up to 5 videos can be inserted into a project from the library
  • Save unlimited projects
  • Video length up to 10 minutes
  • Custom watermark
  • No FlexClip intro
  • 30 GB cloud storage

Business plan

Monthly: $ 29.99 / month Annual: $ 239.88 / year

  • 1080p full HD quality download
  • Unlimited number of videos you can insert into your project from your library
  • Save unlimited projects
  • Video length up to 30 minutes
  • Custom watermark
  • No FlexClip intro
  • 100 GB cloud storage

Video editing from template

One of the strengths of FlexClip is that you can instantly create a video from many templates, so I will try to create one video from the template. It’s a template, but it comes out in such a large amount that it’s hard to understand. You can find out various things by searching.

This time, I will make a few seconds intro from the template that can be used on YouTube. A lot of them came out when I searched in the intro & outro. Among them, I use a colorful intro that looks good.

After selecting, press the customize button to move to the video editing screen. Although it is a video editing screen, it is simple and easy to understand. Since you will be working with a browser, there is no shortcut command, but if you want to make a small video immediately with a simple UI, it seems that you can do it at a considerable work speed.

This template seems good with just a little change in the text, so I changed only the text and immediately exported it. Since I am doing it with a business plan, the output is possible with MP4 at 480p, 720p, 1080p. It can also output GIF, and can output at 480p / 15fps and 240p / 10fps. As I noticed on the export screen, adding an intro movie on the export screen seems possible. If you add an intro movie here, it seems that FlexClip credits will be included.

You can also upload directly to DropBox and YouTube from the export completion screen.

To check the export time, I also made a video of about 1 minute with a YouTube Trailer template. It usually takes about 5 minutes to export, and I think the encoding time is short enough for a 1-minute video and a 5-minute export. Since you can use your computer usually during encoding, it seems that stress will be reduced even if it takes a little longer.

Can “FlexClip” be used?

I used the business plan this time, so please think of it as the impression I got from the business plan. I didn’t have any significant complaints and felt that it was a very good web service.

Keep in mind that FlexClip is not a replacement for video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, PowerDirector, and AviUtl. I felt that this was not a matter of which one was better or worse, but what each one was aiming for was different.

Usually, suppose it is video editing software. In that case, it is often used by YouTubers who upload videos to YouTube every day and those who have jobs related to video editing. It can be made in multiple functions and details, and if necessary, encoding, etc. is fine. It is required to be able to set.

Therefore, for intermediate and advanced users, video editing software seems to be easier to use. So, what kind of layer is FlexClip for? It is for beginners and those who need to make it easily and quickly. If it is said that it is comfortable to use for intermediate and advanced users, that is not the case. I hope you do not make a mistake in this regard.

If you are a beginner and want to make videos easily, it is an excellent web service in that you do not have to buy a computer that only encodes high-quality videos. Anyone who has a decent computer with a browser and an internet connection that can upload materials can make videos, so it may be recommended for beginners and those who want to edit videos for the time being.

Or, if you want to make a simple short video for your business, we recommend it. If you are a sole proprietor or a corporation and want to make an advertising video for YouTube at the lowest price and at the fastest speed, you can quickly do it from the template, so I highly recommend it. Since the materials are fully prepared, you can save the trouble of preparing the materials in detail when making a video.

I haven’t introduced much in the article, but you can do various things in almost the same way as ordinary video editing software, so if you are interested, please try it once with the free plan.

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