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How to Fix Apple ID Verification Failed on iPhone

Apple ID verification failed

After installing the most recent version of iOS, numerous users have reported that they are unable to login into iCloud or restore their devices from previous backups. Even if the username and password are provided correctly, you will still see the following error message:

Verification failed: There was an error connecting to the Apple ID Server.

Set Date & Time Automatically

Some settings might hinder your Apple ID from being verified properly. First, you should set your date and time settings to automatic. In your settings application, navigate to General and tap on Date and Time. Here, enable the Set Automatically option.

Enable Mobile Data & WiFi

When this is done, ensure yourself that mobile data is enabled and working with your mobile carrier. From your main settings, select Mobile Data. Ensure yourself that mobile data is enabled for your primary SIM card. Better yet, you can use a reliable WiFi connection to ensure that this problem is not related to your network connection.

Disable Find My & iCloud Backup

Next, tap on your Apple ID name and select the device in this list where the Apple ID verification failed error is coming up.

Make sure to disable Find My iPhone and iCloud Backup on this device for now as it can cause issues when verifying your Apple ID credentials.

Apple ID Log Out & In

Back in your Apple ID settings, log out of your Apple ID account, and after a few seconds proceed to log back in. This can in a lot of cases fix the verification error you are getting. If this fixes your problem, then you can re-enable Find My iPhone and iCloud Backup for the device.

Disable Content & Privacy Restrictions

In case the problem persists, then some restrictions or family sharing might be preventing you from making changes to your settings or even from logging into a different Apple ID account. To fix this, head back to your main settings and tap on Screen Time. Here, make sure to completely disable Content & Privacy Restrictions.

In addition, consider disabling the Share Across Devices option to prevent these changes to carry over to another device in your account.

Reset iPhone Settings

As a last resort, you can reset your iPhone settings, to make sure that this problem is not related to your current device settings. In your General iPhone settings,  scroll all the way down and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

After tapping on Reset, select Reset All Settings. After entering your passcode, your device will restart with the original settings applied to prevent the Apple ID verification error from coming up in the future.

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