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16 Best Chat GPT-4 Tools for Content Writers (Free & Paid)

Original content creation has never been simpler. Find out which GPT tools are the best for producing high-quality content automatically.

Chat GPT Tools for Content Writers

A form of artificial intelligence that genuinely sounds intelligent. In essence, this is what GPT-4 (formerly known as GPT-3) entails. In recent years, numerous GPT-4 utilities with their own set of features and applications have emerged.

This guide was created for you if you’ve been considering the advantages a Chat GPT-4 tool can provide. Below is a list of the top Chat GPT-4 tools you can use to accelerate your workflows and accomplish more.

What is Chat GPT-4 and how does it work?

GPT is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and the number three represents the third iteration. GPT-4 is an AI- and neural network-based machine learning model.

Using billions of machine learning parameters, it is specifically trained to generate all varieties of realistic human text that reads like something a human would write. It fundamentally ingests text and content from the Internet and uses it to identify common predictive writing patterns.

As you might expect, its text-generation capabilities have significant implications for businesses. Because GPT-4 can generate anything from prose to dialogue to news articles, it has a wide range of applications and can transform online publishing workflows.

However, as GTP-3 evolves, some shortcomings can include:

  • Limited learning due to being pretrained
  • Human biases are translated into software
  • Can only take in a bit of input at a time

Let’s walk through some of the best Chat GPT-4 tools you can use to start generating content.

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The 16 best Chat GPT-4 tools for Content Writers


frase GPT3 tool
Frase is designed to helps marketing teams write SEO content much quicker with its content analytics and content brief features.

Top features:

  • Can generate content briefs in a few minutes
  • Let’s you create and store custom templates
  • Autocompletes new sentences and writes entire paragraphs for you


  • Basic: $44.99 a month if paid annually for 30 document credits
  • Team: $114.99 a month if paid annually for unlimited credits
  • Enterprise: Contact team for more information


anyword GPT3 tool
Anyword is a copywriting AI designed to use predictive analytics to help you write better sales copy that converts.

Top features:

  • Connects to your landing page for easier content generation workflow
  • Includes policy compliance detection features
  • Can write content in 25 languages


  • Data-Driven: $83 a month for 80,000 credits
  • Data-Driven Unlimited: $266 a month for unlimited credits
  • Enterprise: $999 a month


zyro GPT3 tool
Zyro makes it easy to build a website or online store by generating content for you through a series of templates and text-generation tools.

Top features:

  • Generate website text through niche templates or freewriting
  • Comes with SEO features
  • Generates product descriptions


  • Website: $2.90 a month
  • Business: $4.90 a month
  • Advanced Store: $15.90 a month


writesonic GPT3 tool

Writesonic generates Google ads, landing pages, emails, and more in a matter of seconds.

Top features:

  • Lets you describe your product, set the occasion, and insert a special offer
  • Comes with more than 40 copy templates
  • Offers a Facebook community


  • Free: $0 for 10 credits
  • Basic: $15 a month for 100 credits
  • Economy: $25 a month for 750 credits
  • Professional: $45 a month for unlimited credits
  • Startup: $95 a month for unlimited credits


sassbook GPT3 tool
Sassbook is built to help you write and summarize stories in minutes without the need to create an account.

Top features:

  • Can summarize pages of content for you
  • Use it to write stories with the help of AI
  • Lets you create content briefs


  • Free: 50 words per generation
  • Standard: $32 a month for 70 words per generation
  • Premium: $49 a month for 100 words per generation


chibi GPT3 tool
ChibiAI is designed to help you get over writer’s block and predict what you’ll write next by suggesting new ideas as you go.

Top features:

  • Comes with a responsive community that answers all your support questions
  • Is designed to write with you instead of generating content for you


Get started with ChibiAI for $9.


copysmith GPT3 tool
Copysmith works best for e-commerce teams that want a streamlined way to write content like product descriptions and landing page copy.

Top features:

  • Comes with a chrome extension for easy access
  • Bulk generate content once you upload your content spreadsheets
  • Comes with templates for ad copy, captions, and blog outlines
  • Assign content generation assignments to teams and collaborate on new projects from one place


  • Starter: $99 a month for up to 33,000 words a month
  • Professional: $59 a month for up to 260,000 words a month
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team for a quote


GPT-3 AI writing assistant tool Jasper

Jasper is an all-in-one AI writing assistant designed to generate content for you once you’ve entered a few key details about your topic.

Top features:

  • Comes with a paraphrase feature in case you want to restructure specific sentences
  • Let’s you check for plagiarism and grammar
  • Comes with templates for different types of writing scenarios
  • Lets you save your work in project folders and documents
  • Comes with an engaged Facebook community where users share tips and tricks
  • Helps you create custom images with it’s AI art generator, Jasper Art.


Jasper offers several flexible pricing plans ranging from the $39/mo Creator plan to custom Business plans for an enterprise-level solution.


kafkai GPT3 tool
Kafkai is a machine learning tool that writes every article from scratch without the need to scrape any digital content.

Top features:

  • The niche AI article writer feature will generate an article for you once you’ve chosen a niche
  • Is able to translate articles to seven languages
  • Designed for bulk content generation.


  • Industrial Printer: $199 a month for up to 2,500 articles
  • Printing Press: $129 a month for up to 1,000 articles
  • Newsroom: $49 a month for up to 250 articles


texta GPT3 tool
Texta is an AI copywriter that’s useful for creating website copy, social ads, video script, and even sales copy.

Top features:

  • Let’s you set tone, style, and how creative you’d like the writing to be
  • Comes with long-form generator to create blog posts
  • Translates copy to over 20 languages


  • Starter: $29 a month for up to 50,000 words
  • Pro Max: $69 a month for up to 200,000 words
  • Pro Max Plus: $99 a month for up to 300,000 words


simplified GPT3 tool
Simplified is an AI writer designed for marketing copy that forms part of a suite of marketing tools teams can use to streamline their workflows.

Top features:

  • Generates SEO-driven copy
  • More than 30 different AI marketing templates and use cases
  • Lets you rewrite content with one click
  • You can organize both teams and clients within one unified dashboard


  • Free Forever for individuals
  • Small Teams: $12 for up to 5 team members
  • Business: $24 for up to 5 team members
  • Growth: $99 for up to 5 team members


hyperwrite GPT3 tool
HyperWrite is an AI copywriting tool built to generate original paragraphs once you feed it some basic information on what you’re looking for.

Top features:

  • Suggests unique phrasing and sentences as you write
  • Can include information from chosen sources
  • Useful for students and professionals


Get started with HyperWrite for free.


rytr GPT3 tool
Much like other GTP-3 tools in the space, Rytr helps you generate content faster and at an affordable price point.

Top features:

  • Lets you generate AI responses for automated chatbots, customer reviews, emails, and customer support questions
  • Comes with a plugin you can use in Shopify and WordPress
  • Its API lets you integrate it into your existing apps and workflow
  • Its SEO analyzer ensures you’re optimizing your copy to rank in SERPs


  • Free Plan: Generate up to 5,000 characters a month
  • Saver Plan: $9 a month for up to 50,000 characters per month
  • Unlimited Plan: $29 a month for unlimited characters


longshot GPT3 tool
Longshot is a robust long-form writing assistant built for content teams, marketers, writers, and editors.

Top features:

  • Comes with semantic SEO features to write competitive content that ranks
  • Fluent in eight languages
  • Comes with a unique five-step approach to blog content generation
  • Makes writing easier by letting you specify what niche you’re creating content for


  • Basic: 10 free credits per day
  • Pro: $29.90 per month for 1,000 credits
  • Enterprise: $89.90 per month for unlimited credits


wordtune GPT3 tool
Wordtune is a Chrome extension that will edit and rewrite your content as you write it whether you’re working in Google Docs or a Word document.

Top features:

  • Switch from casual to formal finetuning preferences
  • Let’s you change the length of your sentences as you go
  • Includes grammar and spelling fixes and works in Word


  • Free: $0 for 10 rewrites a day
  • Premium: $9.99 a month for unlimited rewrites
  • Premium for Teams: Contact the sales team


INK GPT3 tool
As a Chrome extension, INK works as an SEO cowriter that enables you to produce high quality content that’s optimized and unique to you.

Top features:

  • Comes with writing scores for different writing criteria
  • Analyzes your SEO competition to inform you on how to outrank them
  • Helps you generate clickable headlines


  • Team SEO Unlimited: $177 per month billed annually for unlimited ink points
  • Pro SEO: $44 per month billed annually for 444 ink points
  • Starter: $8 per month billed annually for 222 ink points

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What is GPT-4 in Content?

GPT-4, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a type of language model that uses machine learning and deep learning principles to generate human-like copy and content via an API and natural language processing (NLP).

It is an element of the GPT-n series, the third edition of OpenAI’s language prediction model, and the foundation of the viral AI generator ChatGPT.

Using pre-trained algorithms and automation, the model populates web pages and blog posts with well-written content that reads identically to all other blog posts and web pages. The algorithms have been served more than 570GB of text data by crawling the web and ingesting vital information on a staggering number of subjects.

A content generator is the ideal writing partner for content creators and content marketers, particularly if you’re looking to scale your content creation efforts and build a larger content network without exceeding your budget.

How does AI help in content generation?

AI utilizes semantic analysis to learn how to construct language and produce sentences with actual meaning. Every time it reads a new piece of text or analyzes the information on a page, its knowledge and adaptability increase indefinitely.

It goes beyond simply examining the words and instead monitors how words are used contextually and the intention behind them.

While OpenAI’s GPT-4 can help put words on the page (which is fantastic if you’re experiencing writer’s block), AI in general can be incredibly beneficial for content creation teams.

  • AI’s speed is perhaps its greatest advantage for scaling up content creation efforts. In contrast to humans, who are relatively constrained in terms of how much they can accomplish in a given period of time, AI tools are unrestricted in this regard and can therefore produce vast quantities of copy, AI content, and AI art in a fraction of the time.
  • Create content concepts: without blog ideas? AI can use its past learnings to recommend blog post topics and content ideas based on comparable articles in your industry and on the internet.
  • Boost SEO efforts: AI can identify your brand’s most promising keywords and optimize landing pages, web pages, and blog posts based on those keywords.
    Personalized content: Modern consumers covet personalization; it demonstrates that a brand cares. From email marketing campaigns to landing pages, AI tools are able to personalize content so that each consumer has a unique and individualized experience.

8 Advantages of using GPT-4 for content creation

While AI has many different uses in marketing, GPT-4’s specific purpose is creating content from set cues. It can help you scale content creation efforts and build out tons of content quickly for your digital marketing campaigns, and it also has plenty of other advantages.

1. Most knowledgeable language predictor

GPT-4 has been fed so much data that it is now the language model with the most training. It has 175 billion learning parameters, making it instantaneously more knowledgeable and accurate than any other language model.

2. Needs very little input

It would be ineffective to use AI for content creation if it required a great deal of input; you would still be pressed for time and struggle to scale. You don’t need to provide GPT-4 with a great deal of information for it to generate excellent, original content. It requires minimal input, and the pre-learned model takes care of the rest.

3. Versatile for all your content needs

Need to compose articles, product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, ad copy, social media updates, Tweets, and other forms of content? GPT-4 has your back. It can create content for a variety of purposes and uses intent and context to ensure that it serves the appropriate content for the intended purpose.

4. Create high ranking content

GPT-4 not only generates human-like content, but it can also optimize it for SEO which can help push your website up the search results. For a chance to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it can generate high-quality, keyword-rich, and unique blog posts.

5. Generate multiple ad copy variations

Testing ads is crucial if you want to find the winning combination, but it can be a costly, time-consuming process. The GPT-4 helps you easily write and test hundreds of different copy variations that you can instantly run to increase sales and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS).

6. Come up with winning content ideas

GPT-4 can generate ideas based on its complex learnings. It crawls the web to find content that’s popular and suggests ideas based on that and your chosen keywords to ensure you never run out of content ideas.

7. Say goodbye to writer’s block

Tired of staring at a blank page? GPT-4 eradicates writer’s block by creating content from scratch so you don’t have to. Simply give it a few relevant phrases and a tiny amount of information and it can create thousands of words in minutes totally from scratch.

8. Reach new markets

Language barriers can limit your reach in new markets – and, let’s face it, translation apps can be glitchy at best. GPT-4 can write creative and accurate content in more than 25 languages, unlocking new markets and destinations for your brand.

How to create unique content using Chat GPT-4

The way GPT-4 operates means that it retrieves information from a database of web-wide articles. This enables it to decipher what words typically appear in a sequence so that it can form comprehensible, fact-based sentences. At its core, it’s a learning tool that thrives on being given input, but it helps to have a few things in order to really make the most of it.

1. Understand your audience

Knowing who you’re talking to will help you feed the AI the right information so they can serve content that’s relevant and applicable to your audience’s needs. To do this, create customer personas that detail the demographics, interests, challenges, and pain points of each segment of your audience.

2. Solidify your tone of voice

Your tone of voice will help you connect with your audience and build relationships and trust. With AI tool, you can select from a range of tones to ensure you’re hitting the spot with every piece of content you create.

3. Refine your USP

AI tool often asks you for a couple of sentences about your brand or product before it can generate content. Have your refined unique selling point (USP) ready, as well as a couple of relevant keywords and a short description of each product you want to write about.

4. Teach the tool

AI learns from experience, so by giving it pre-written examples of content you like, you’re teaching it how you want to create your own content. The more information you plug into the tool, the more accurate its output will be.

5. Edit your content

While AI draws from millions of blog posts to find correct information, it will sometimes get it wrong. Avoid this by fact-checking everything the tool generates and editing out any awkward phrases or sentences that don’t make sense.

6. Use it to scale

One of the biggest benefits of AI tools and other Chat GPT-4 tools is that they can produce content at scale. Make the most of this by using it to produce content like product descriptions and ad copy that you need in bulk.

Things to keep in mind when using GPT-4

GPT-4 is an excellent writing aid. Its extraordinary knowledge and learning capabilities allow it to generate ever-more-accurate content that always hits the mark. However, it is important to realize that it is a machine and may occasionally require human intervention.

Use it in conjunction with copywriters or other humans to ensure you’re publishing the highest-quality content feasible.

This is only the beginning for Chat GPT-4 tools

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that Chat GPT-4 tools are here to stay. As more and more useful tools for content creation are developed, the adoption of writing assistants and AI-generated content is imminent.

Today, natural language processing, algorithms, and open-source resources have converged to facilitate the work of common marketers. Start with your favorite AI tool if you’re prepared to start using all the Chat GPT-4 tools have to offer.

As an AI writing assistant, it is one of the simplest tools to use and comes with numerous features that can transform your writing with a single click.

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