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AT&T Users Can Now Buy Google Pixel 6 Online

Google Pixel 6

Google has made it easier for people to purchase its newest Pixel phones straight through its online shop, as they are quite popular.

Since the launch of the Pixel 6 series, they have been available in unlocked, Fi, and Verizon versions through the Google Store. The unlocked variant is compatible with AT&T, however, it does not include a compatible SIM card or supports the carrier’s 36-month finance plans.

That’s all changing now because Google Store now has AT&T versions.

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How It Works

AT&T customers will pay an additional $100 for a mmWave-compatible Pixel 6 on the carrier, which costs $699 compared to the unlocked model’s $599 price.

Google requires customers to use the 36-month payment plans in order to acquire a phone, but it reduces the monthly cost to $19.41. In contrast, the pricing of the model’s older sibling remains at $899.

The Catch

These carrier-specific models are available to customers at full retail price, but they must be purchased directly from the company.

In addition, the color options are limited, since the Pixel 6 will only be available in Stormy Black. Those who desire the other hues must therefore search elsewhere. The Pixel 6 Pro is only available in black and white.

A Trade-In

AT&T has recently launched a promotion that will remove $800 from the price of any of their top Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy phones, which might result in a free phone or a substantial reduction.

AT&T is willing to offer $800 in credits to be applied over 36 months toward the purchase of a new phone if customers trade in a device. To qualify for the promotion, you must purchase either a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro or a top-tier Galaxy phone, like as the S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 3, or Fold 3.

This is a 3-year contract, so you must be committed to AT&T and its network in order to sign up. Customers must also sign up for one of their top unlimited plans, which begin at $75 per month for a single line. After three billing cycles, the $800 discount is applied as a bill credit. And cancellation will result in immediate payment for the remainder of the phone’s contract.

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