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5 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start Your Blog

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Blogging is an art by which you can maintain your daily activity and it may be updated daily according to your needs. There are many free blogging platforms available on the internet where you can start your blog.

Nowadays doing the blog is very trending now. Here are some advantages to starting your blog right now. One of the major advantages is making money online by doing some simple work from your home.

5 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Here in the post, we are discussing some of the best free blogging platforms where everyone can start there blog for free.

1. WordPress is a free open source free blogging platform where you can create a free blog for you. But to create a blog in you need a Web Hosting that hosts your blog files.

As I mention in the blog that free platforms so I recommend you Accua Web Hosting which provides free WordPress hosting for all for a lifetime. You can create a simple account on that and start a blog on

In you can find huge themes and plugin which is totally free to use, and free for lifetime. There are paid versions also available. If you need then you can also go for it.

Here is a major advantage is you have full control over your blog as you host all the blog files to your hosting site. If any hacker attack not happens then there is no chance to delete your blog.

2. Google Blogger

Basically, we all know the terms of bloggers because of Google. Blogger is a Google platform that is open for all and any person can create a blog on blogger for free.

A Gmail account is needed to create a blog because you have to log in with that. If you have a Gmail account then straight go to and start a blog. In blogger, you can find some basic themes which give your blog looks good.

If you want to add some extra functions to your blog then you can find some gadgets in the blogger platforms. For example, visitors state, calendar, contact forms, Html script adder, and more.

You have not full control over your blog. If Google thinks to delete your blog then they can do it you can’t do anything for it.

3. is also a free open-source blogging platform where you can create your first blog and free for a lifetime. In WordPress, you need to use a free subdomain to run your blog.

In you can also find huge free themes and free plugins to build your blog. In this free blogging platform no need to know how to build a blog. These platforms are very easy and very user friendly to create a simple blog online without knowing any coding knowledge.

By using free themes and plugins you can give an attractive look at your blog. All plugins and themes are not free to use but you can find the alternative for it. In these platforms, you can create any type of blog or website. For example simple blog, review blog, web hosting provider, any type of affiliate website, any type of woo-commerce website, and more.

4. Medium

Medium is another best free blogging platform where more than 65 million users available and they already create a free blog for them. But in the medium simple design gives a good user experience and eases at work. This Platform, on the whole, has high authority and continues making quality backlinks to rank higher.

Here is one major drawback is you have not full control over your blog or website. That means you can not add code or banner to your blog if you want or if you publish any type of bad or spammy content then there is a chance to remove your blog and maybe band your account.

5. Wix

Wix is a very popular drag and drops website builder platform which is also open for all. In Wix, you can find a free plan sign up to the plan and you can start your blog for free. If you don’t know how to build a beautiful website then Wix is the best platform for you.

In Wix, you can find Drag and Drop website builder helps you to create a beautiful website in just one hour. Just you need to drag and drop which type you need. In the Wix, you can get a free subdomain for example

Here some addons also available to build your blog functionality and look more attractive. After creating a successful blog and run it successfully if you think to upgrade your plan then Wix gives you an automatically upgrade your site without any site hassle.


So what do you think which free blogging platforms are best for you? According to me, is the best because here you have full control over your blog. Please write in the comment which is best for you.

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