The last performance of Ali: repaid spinks, set records, and never won again

last performance of Ali

On September 15, 1978, a rematch took place between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks. In their first face-off, Spinks, who had only seven professional bouts at the time, sensationally defeated Ali. Seven months later, they met again. To finalize the story of “The Greatest.” To set the last historical records. For Ali to achieve his last professional career victory.

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The first match occurred because Ali wanted an easy opponent. Instead, he received a sensational defeat.

Muhammad Ali’s career could have ended back in 1975. The “Thrilla in Manila” was the pinnacle of his career and one of the most renowned bouts not only in the American’s career but in boxing history.

Fourteen fierce rounds of challenging combat. A battle against Frazier and against the climate. The desire to remove the gloves before the final three minutes, and the opponent’s corner refusal, saved Ali from defeat. Muhammad defeated Foreman in 1974 and prevailed in the trilogy against Frazier in 1975. He also survived many tough rounds and confrontations – he could have easily retired.

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But Ali didn’t stop there. After that victory, he defeated six more opponents, including Ken Norton, and in the autumn of 1977, he faced a tough 15-round contest against Ernie Shavers. For every subsequent fight, it became increasingly challenging for Muhammad to find motivation and even more challenging to return to training after.

Leon Spinks, the 1976 Olympic champion in the weight category up to 81 kg, wasn’t impressive professionally. With 6 wins, one draw, and no bout where he shone like a star. But everything worked with Ali.

Spinks was not afraid of Ali. He constantly moved, was busy in the ring, pressed forward

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