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Verizon 5G Coverage Area.png

Verizon Reveals its 5G Network Coverage Maps

If you are a Verizon user, you can check if your neighborhood already has 5G coverage or not. Verizon incorporated maps on its website that show the 5G coverage area of...
5G vs. 4G

5G Vs. 4G: 10 things how 5G differs from 4G

Starting with the spring of 2019, another spring ushered in a new revolution in the world of telecommunications; but in different areas, the spring of 5G networks, where the launch of...
Project Limitless

The First 5G Snapdragon-Powered PC Is Here: Meet Project Limitless

Qualcomm has fully unveiled its collaborative effort at Computex with Lenovo called Project Limitless, which it coins as the world's first 5G-capable snapdragon-powered PC. According to the two companies, the device, designed...

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