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Instagram stories

5 ways to use Instagram stories professionally to promote your brand

Instagram has recently become one of the important social networking platforms that many businesses seek to use in more professional ways to reach more users, target them with marketing messages that...
5 tips help you to have a more private instagram account

5 Tips Help You to have a More Private Instagram Account

There is no doubt that the growth of social networks has caused a lot of privacy threats to users, as we often do not know most of the people who follow us, and often...

Facebook Launches Its Own Version Of TikTok Called Lasso

After repeatedly cloning Snapchat, Facebook is ready to look into other ventures. This time around, it's eyeing the popular short-form video service TikTok, and it's promptly come up with its own version...
Activate Stealth Mode in Instagram

How to Activate Stealth Mode in Instagram on IOS and Android

All social networking platforms allow you to share messages with your friends, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and others. However, the direct messages on the Instagram platform became more...
change an Instagram username

How to change an Instagram username

The name you originally chose for your Instagram account might have made total sense at the time. But, as the world turns things change, and you could find yourself feeling that...
secure your Instagram account

Best Tips for More Security on Your Instagram Account

Instagram has recently added a number of features and updates, including the update of the binary authentication feature, not just SMS messages or user phone numbers, due to widespread penetration of...
Change your Facebook Password

How to Change your Facebook Password

Only last week Facebook was in the news after it took steps to secure the 50 million affected accounts following a data breach. If your account was affected you will have...
Instagram’s co-founders have reportedly resigned from Facebook

Instagram co-founders have reportedly resigned from Facebook

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from the photo-sharing company today, and both plan to officially depart the company in the next few weeks, according to a report from...
create twitter account

How to Create and Delete Twitter Account

You will know about the 140-letter social media platform. Yes, right. We are talking about twitter Twitter is the best medium to keep your thoughts or thoughts in less words. People...
Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Increase Your Business Network

Is the LinkedIn is much more than a site that offers you to create a CV digital file service? In fact, LinkedIn is a free tool professional you can use to...

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