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Instagram Now Allows Simultaneous Posting On Multiple Accounts

Photo-sharing app Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets iOS users post on multiple accounts at the same time. An Instagram official confirmed that this is coming to iOS users,...
5 tips help you to have a more private instagram account

5 Tips Help You to have a More Private Instagram Account

There is no doubt that the growth of social networks has caused a lot of privacy threats to users, as we often do not know most of the people who follow us, and often...
Activate Stealth Mode in Instagram

How to Activate Stealth Mode in Instagram on IOS and Android

All social networking platforms allow you to share messages with your friends, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and others. However, the direct messages on the Instagram platform became more...
change an Instagram username

How to change an Instagram username

The name you originally chose for your Instagram account might have made total sense at the time. But, as the world turns things change, and you could find yourself feeling that...
Instagram’s co-founders have reportedly resigned from Facebook

Instagram co-founders have reportedly resigned from Facebook

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from the photo-sharing company today, and both plan to officially depart the company in the next few weeks, according to a report from...

How You can Ignore Annoying Friends on Instagram without their knowledge?

The problem of annoying friends will be found on all social platforms. The problem is that you want to ignore someone, but you do not want to do it directly, like...
College students

Instagram Testing Feature for College Students to Connect with Schoolmates

College students will soon discover and get along with fellow batchmates from the same college community with Instagram's college community feature. Connect With Fellow College Students The feature, which is in its preliminary...
Instagram Followers

You might soon be Able to Remove Your Instagram Followers

There's currently no way for public Instagram accounts to remove someone from their followers list. A common recourse is to set one's account to private to have more control over followers,...
Instagram Stories

You’ll Soon be Able to Ask Questions Via Instagram Stories

After adding the ability to add music and video-chat with up to four people, Instagram is apparently adding yet another update to Stories that'll focus on making interactions with friends and followers...
group video chat

How to start a hangout in Instagram

Now Instagram is going to launching group video chat feature, so just weeks after the launch of Apple video calls in FaceTime, and allowed Instagram new feature with the possibility of...

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