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Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019 and our responsibilities

Gifts of nature to our planet are the millions of species we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. Unfortunately, humans have irrevocably altered the balance of...
South Korea launches 5G technology

South Korea launches 5G technology

Technology grows every day and communication becomes easier and more accessible. South Korea would become the first country in the world to present a commercial network of fifth generation (5G) mobile...
Lenovo vertical folding smartphone

Lenovo has patented a vertical folding smartphone

In September 2018, Lenovo filed a patent at the offices of WIPO (for the World Intellectual Property Office). Said patent showed a folding smartphone, with the particularity that the fold is...
electric motorcycles

Motorcycles with battery: Electric bikes capture the spirit of the road

When we talk about electric vehicles, we usually talk about cars. The market for fully electric cars began as a product aimed at city dwellers, but with cars like the Porsche...
Little Sophia Robot

Little Sophia Robot to teach children artificial intelligence and programming

Hanson Robotics has developed a small version of human-like Sophia called Little Sophia and will be dedicated to programming programming and artificial intelligence for children aged 8 years. Android Little Sophia is...
activate Night Mode

How to activate Night Mode on Android

Night Shift, night light or night mode takes a long time on Android and other platforms. This function applies a filter on the screen to reduce eye fatigue and thus neutralize...
SB-1 Defiant

SB-1 Defiant an extremely fast helicopter best alternative for Black Hawk

The UH-60 Black Hawk is, possibly, the most mythical helicopter of the armed forces of the United States, worse after 40 years in service, the pentagon is looking for the one...
Xiaomi 100W charger

Xiaomi amazing 100W charger capable of charging a phone in just 17 minutes

If the current technology is not enough to have a beautiful last generation phone whose battery makes us forget the need to charge it every day, it will be necessary to...
Shadow Hammer attack

Check if your computer is affected by Asus’ ‘Shadow Hammer’ attack

If you have an Asus computer, you should check if your device is among those affected by the recent "Shadow Hammer" malware attack. You 've probably seen worrying headlines about this malware...
micro SD card

What microSD card to buy? We explain what is the best

Buying a microSD card for our smartphone is always a good idea, so we can store data in both internal and external memory. Now, with such a variety of memory cards,...

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