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YouTube is testing the secret browsing mode “Incognito Mode” on Android


Some Android apps offer the “Incognito Mode” feature that allows you to use these applications without following you and without recording your activities in your usage log. One of the most popular applications that provide this feature is the Chrome browser application from Google.

In YouTube there is the equivalent of incognito mode and you can activate it by going to Settings and then choosing the registry and privacy and switching between the options to stop the watch history and search history temporarily, you can also log out and use the application where it will not be able to track your activity when using it without logging in to your account.

But it seems now that the application of YouTube on the Android system will make it easier to access the browsing mode without the need to use many of the settings, as some users of the application of YouTube that there is a new option appeared within the application settings is the option to move to the secret, Turn on Incognito, Activating it will stop your app from storing your searches and watch history.

You can activate the secret browsing mode in the YouTube app on Android by following these steps:

To access the browsing mode, all you have to do is click on the image icon in the upper right corner of the application and then there will be the option to activate the secret mode Turn on Incognito under the option to switch the account and log out , and once pressed the application will stop storing searches as well It will not save the videos you’ve watched in your watch history.

When you turn on the private browsing mode it will look like you are browsing YouTube without logging in from your Google account, and there is an elegant hidden code that will replace your personal photo. If you turn off confidential mode or become inactive on YouTube, you’ll return to browsing with your own account.

It is noteworthy that the status of the secret is currently being tested on some users of the YouTube application on the Android system only, and is expected to be provided by YouTube later for all users in the next few days.