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The platform said there will be fewer restrictions so content on videogames with descriptive or simulated violence will be accepted, although advertiser guidelines will not change so they will not be able to be monetized.

YouTube announced that as of December 2 “descriptive or simulated violence in video games will be treated in the same way as violence in other content such as movies and television,” which means that videos with violent content will receive less age and age restrictions. , therefore, they will be visible to more people.

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Through a tweet, the YouTube Gaming account said: “We have heard loud and clear that our policies need to make a distinction between real-world and simulated violence, and we have updated our policies to reflect that.”

After the announcement about the new policies, a member of the Team YouTube team made a clarification and indicated that age restrictions will continue to apply when violence is the main focus of the video; for example, when there are graphic scenes with dismemberments, beheadings, and exhibition of human bodies with serious injuries. However, “less graphic content could be approved.”

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According to YouTube, this does not change the content guidelines for advertisers, so violent videos will still not be monetized.