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Reports have recently spread that YouTube, a Google subsidiary, is alleged to be considering screening all of its content on YouTube Kids. It is said, however, that the said plan has been refused. The video content screen report came after this year’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) hit YouTube with $170 million fine. Nonetheless, as suggested in an online article, this was not the sum that hurt. The “reputation” has taken a massive blow for breaching the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) according to the content posted on

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YouTube, as mentioned earlier, shelled out $170 million earlier this year for COPPA violations. As to how it is described in the same post, “it remains a very costly stain on its image.” However, when it happened in kids in 2018, things got even worse for the popular video streaming platform that the site allegedly considered individual screening for each YouTube Kids video. YouTube allegedly formed a team of 40 employees with the code name “Crosswalk” referring to a number of risky site ‘ streets’ content.

The Proposed Screening

One of the proposals was to screen each video for children under the age of eight to ensure that no illegal and inappropriate video content would go through. For example, reporters last year discovered disturbing videos containing abuse, particularly suicide, featuring knock-off versions of their favorite cartoon, including Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse.

The proposal mentioned advanced to the point of drafting a media release. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, however, had dismissed the plan at the last minute. This information was disseminated through sources from Bloomberg. This restraint would seem to turn the web into something like a media outfit. This, in effect, “might open it up to the same liabilities this news publishers face, among others, over intimidation, copyright, and hate speech.

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YouTube Taking Stronger Action on Content for Kids

YouTube earlier vowed to take a stronger stance on video content for kids and started by removing the comments on multi-million clips. The platform has managed to reduce the views of videos that breach its rules by up to 80 percent while contributing nearly 60 percent of audiences to videos from prominent news publishers. YouTube stopped taking further extraordinary moves, however. In one of her interviews, Wojcicki said they would need to revisit it if they were held accountable for each piece of content they promoted. More so, the company official added, it is almost impossible for YouTube to deal with the scale of content, with more than 500 hours of footage being uploaded every minute.

Finally, as reported by Bloomberg, there is no single episode in 2019 that illustrated YouTube’s arduous quest for the middle ground, more than the incident involving a gay journalist and YouTube founder, Carlos Maza, who accused Steven Crowder, a conservative YouTuber, of alleged repetitive abuse. The said reporter, a Vox writer, put together a montage of clips from Crowder’s YouTube channel to highlight what Maza thought was said to be “racist and homophobic slurs.”

YouTube Kids: All Videos Reported to Undergo Screening
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YouTube Kids: All Videos Reported to Undergo Screening
Reports have spread recently that YouTube, a Google subsidiary, allegedly considered having all of its content posted on YouTube Kids screened. However, the said proposal is said to have been rejected.
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