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You will not believe how technology has changed in two decades!


One has to look into the mirror to let things in his room quickly discover how the last decades have changed almost everything around us, specifically in the past two decades. When it comes to technology, the difference between the 1990s and today is very large, from the exchange of millions of silvi images via modern media per day, to the use of smart phones to conduct banking transactions. In short, the technology revolution has changed the way we live in the world forever. But in the name of nostalgia, let us make a comparison of certain things to illustrate the magnitude of the difference that has occurred over the last 20 years.


People used to go to the market to buy CDs to listen to music, and recording was more difficult. Today, however, just go to YouTube to hear what you want from music by just experimenting with the song by typing the name of the specific song, artist or music.


We had to press locks on the inside before we closed the door handle from the outside and then have the key role and suffering with it sometimes.

You also had to close the windows with the rotary handle while you were lifting the glass. Today you do not need all that.

Most importantly, if you go to a particular destination you will not need to have paper maps as in the recent past.

The technology of the automotive industry has evolved rapidly in the last two decades, from protection to navigation to speed and freedom from traditional keys.

Mobile Phones

The beginnings of the mobile phone were so large and the high-noise tones were chosen in an insurmountable way. It was only a function of the phone to speak.

Today this phone has turned into a full life, almost everything, where no one can do without it, can not by any means imagine it 20 years ago today.

From receiving text messages to banking transactions to professional images, recording videos, accessing the Internet and even finding a life partner.


Now you sit in the music room with your family, move around the TV channels all over the world, record whatever programs you want. This scene was not available two decades ago.

People were sitting on specific channels, mostly local programs, and there was no choice but to surrender to national television.

Today we live unlimited programs and the video is over, so that the TV is integrated with other media and the Internet, and you can wear the 3D glasses as you lie down on the couch to enjoy the pleasure of watching movies.


Anyone who has seen the beginnings of the Internet can know the extent of the suffering in accessing the network and hearing the login ring for the intranet, and then the painstaking patience of uploading sites.

The chat rooms at the beginning were very primitive, but represented a big coup at the time, as well as e-mail and blogs.

Now with the welcome screen from Google everything is different, the Internet world has become our real world from weather knowledge to news to shopping, to shaping our knowledge of the world and our future.