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Why Do You Use Linux?


If people are discussing which operating system is the best, either MacOS or Windows, the third option is not discussed by many: Linux. Why is this so?

See, in the tech industry, Linux has its own niche but that’s it. Yes, you can use Linux as your daily driver, but it can take you a long time to learn Linux depending on which distro, the word for “version” you have.

But I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be using Linux. Personally, if you’re at all in technology, I consider using Linux for a month or two just to see how it functions and what you can do with Ubuntu.

But what if you don’t have that in tech? Do not worry, I’ve covered you up. Here are several arguments for using Ubuntu, if only for a limited period of time!

Linux Offers More Customization

The main gripe about Apple’s Operating System is that due to the proprietary nature of the OS, you can’t customize much. Windows is much better, the fact is that much. Let’s not however underestimate the personalization that Linux will give you.

Let’s start off by thinking about “distros,” short for distributions. Linux provides unlimited customizability, meaning users have created their own versions of the OS. You can access for example the advanced Proton distro. Perhaps you would like to start with a beginner-friendly distro, in which case I will guide you to Ubuntu.

Also Valve, a video game company, has developed its own Linux distro, Proton, for compatibility with its platform, Steam!

Windows offers a lot of customizability, but Linux has endless possibilities that get me to my next point: advanced devices.

Advanced Settings

The main draw of Linux is how you can customize everything, and one way the user can do this is by playing with the “terminal,” Linux’s command prompt AKA. The OS helps you to do anything from the terminal, and for that very reason, programmers / sysadmins love Linux. Linux works best with servers because you can monitor everything from a single terminal.

Would you like to update your computer from Linux VPN? No problem! No problem! Find some Internet directions and enter the terminal commands, and boom-you’ve got a VPN!

But what if customisation doesn’t matter to you? What if just because your desktop is collapsing under the weight of the newest Windows update is the reason you’re looking at different operating systems? Linux might still be there for you!

Linux is a Lightweight OS

Saying Linux is a lightweight operating system is something of an insult to the OS, but it is half-true. Linux can be as lightweight as you need it to be, which is why Linux is making a good operating system for computers that break under the weight of new versions of OS.

That being said, you could make Linux the hardest operating system to exist, depending on which distro you are installing and what you do with it. Most user-friendly distros, however, are lightweight and fine to any laptop / desktop.

Linux is a Stable System

What operating system compares this to Linux when it comes to reliability. You don’t have to think about crashes, catastrophic errors, major bugs etc. when you download a distro. All you need to think about is just how much you want your distro to customize.

Different distros have different stability rates so shop around if this is a big factor for you.


This article wasn’t meant to give you an in-depth look at Linux and the distros that make it what it is today, but just a glimpse of why it’s not a bad idea to go with Linux-it can be a great idea for you and your use cases!

There are many reasons why you’d choose Windows or MacOS, but there are just as many reasons for choosing Linux as you would. After all, if it hadn’t got its unique appeal, the Linux operating system wouldn’t have the cults that it does today. What’s the expectation? Go out and get Ubuntu downloaded!