YouTube verification mark

Many companies on social media have a standard for verifying official accounts, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, using the blue sign to verify the accounts of celebrities that appear on the account.

The video-sharing website YouTube has made it clear that people do not consider the mark of verification to be a confirmation of any kind of reward or good content, but rather a mark on a celebrity account only.

YouTube shared a post on the Community Forum yesterday, in which YouTube shared a redesign of the confirmation mark that will be gray.

The purpose of introducing the new certification mark is to ensure that people do not become misunderstood regarding the verification mark.

This new design of verification will be visible by the end of October, when the company says that after research, it has come to the fore that people have a lot of misconceptions about the verification mark and do not consider it to be a verification of identity. That’s why YouTube’s new sign of authentication will be for official accounts, celebrities, and well-known brand endorsements.

The new design will feature an official account, celebrities and well-known brand channel names with a gray background.

YouTube, on the other hand, has changed the authentication mark as well as the channel authentication process, in which YouTube no longer confirms to any channel that there will be a million subscribers to the user, but now authenticity and Will confirm the channel based on being a celebrity or celebrity.

YouTube has begun sending notices to its users, stating that anyone who does not meet YouTube’s authentication policy will be marked unverified.

YouTube users are unhappy that their channel veerification mark is being removed.