WhatsApp launches a number of new features

WhatsApp is currently working on some new features to improve the performance of the famous chat application. By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, you can discover many new features.

Facebook’s owned subsidiary, WhatsApp, is now offering a missing feature since its launch in 2009, a change of number that allows users to transfer their account information, groups, and settings to a completely new number.

This feature is very useful for WhatsApp users who have abandoned their old number and replaced it with a new one. They will be able to tell all their contacts that the old number has been changed to a new number.

Through this feature, users can narrow the range of contacts that can share the message with them by sending them to specific contacts.

To use the “Change Number” feature, go to your account settings, click Account, and select Change Number. After doing so, click the Next button that appears in the top right corner and enter the old and new phone number. Then click Next again, and then enable the Notify my contacts option. If you want to select some contacts, you can do so by selecting some contacts, not everyone.

The feature is currently available in the version of the WhatsApp, and is scheduled to be available in standard version on iOS and Android soon.

The latest version of the WhatsApp application also revealed that the chat application is launching a QR code that allows cash transactions to be made so that money can be sent using the code.

In early March, Wattsab introduced a set of stickers that can be added to your photos and videos. New labels allow users to mark, in addition to the time, any photos and videos sent to an individual recipient or group chat.