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What do you do when your phone gets wet?


Let’s put ourselves in a fairly common situation. We have to go to the bathroom. As we are in the middle of a conversation, starting with Candy Crush, submerged in several tweets or whatever prevents us from getting rid of our smartphone, we decided to take it with us to the bathroom. Several minutes later we find that our phone is wet as a result of a terrible fall. What do we do?

The bathroom is an example of day to day, but in reality our phone can fall into pools, into the sea, or it can get wet quite easily if liquid falls on the table. The first thing we have to do is keep calm because everything is not lost. And now we will get our smartphone out of the water as soon as possible. The longer, the more water can be filtered. Once we have the basics, let’s talk about the steps to follow.

What NOT to do

  • If it was off, do not turn it on.
  • Do not press any button or key.
  • Do not shake it or shake it. Do not put pressure on him or hit him.
  • Do not play doctors with your smartphone and begin to remove parts. The device comes with an indicator of damage caused by liquids (LDI, in its acronym in English), which if activated could invalidate the warranty. When you open the phone it is easy to activate it. If you think it is absolutely necessary to dismantle it, do it, but only if you think you have the necessary experience.
  • Do not blow on him. This could send water to other internal parts of the phone that have not yet been reached, causing further damage in the process.
  • Do not apply heat of any kind, including a hair dryer. Excessive heat could damage your smartphone. Also do not put it in the microwave or in the freezer.

What to do to resuscitate your wet mobile

  • If your phone was not turned off, turn it off and leave it upright.
  • Remove the protective case, in case you had one. Remove the microSD card and the SIM card from their slots.
  • Open the back cover and remove the battery if you can on your phone. This is not possible with models with non-removable battery, as you will understand.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5215

  • Take a cloth or paper towel to dry it carefully. The most important thing is that the water does not cross other areas.
  • If the water damage is very large, you can use a vacuum cleaner with an adapter to carefully vacuum the water that can be found inside the cracks, and that with a rag are not easy to reach.
  • The next step is to introduce the smartphone into a plastic bag filled with raw rice. Rice is very good for the absorption of liquids. The myth of rice is true.
  • There are drying bags for phones. If, by chance, you have one … it’s time to use it! On the other hand, if you do not have one, but you consider yourself a clumsy person, it may be interesting to buy one. They are sold in most electronics stores.

dried bag

  • Wherever you put the phone (bag of dried or container with rice), leave it a couple of days in there.
  • After that couple of days, you can turn on the phone again. It is advisable to check that everything works perfectly, so take a walk through the interface, try the speaker playing some music or other things such as calls, the tactile response of the screen, cameras or the proximity sensor.
  • If your phone does not turn on at all, try charging the phone to see if this works. If it is not charged, the battery may be damaged. So you should replace it or let it dry for a longer time. In the worst case, your phone may be damaged and there is no solution. We recommend that you take it to the technical service for a professional review.
  • If the phone turns on and works as it should, do not trust yourself. It is advisable to keep an eye close to see if in the coming days changes behavior.

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There are several options in the market, some a little expensive for what they really offer. My advice is to take a look at the different options available on the internet. Among them, I recommend Overboard that allows you to make full use of the phone.

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Has it ever happened to you? Do you know other tips to share with other users?