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Verizon Reveals its 5G Network Coverage Maps


If you are a Verizon user, you can check if your neighborhood already has 5G coverage or not. Verizon incorporated maps on its website that show the 5G coverage area of its network, so users can check if their neighborhood already has 5G coverage.

On Tuesday, November 19, the operator announced the expansion of its 5G network to Boston, Houston and Sioux Falls, cities that join Dallas, Omaha, Boise, Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, St Paul, Providence, New York, Panama City (Florida) and Phoenix.

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According to the telephone operator’s website, its coverage will soon reach the cities of Cincinnati, Kansas City, Charlotte, Little Rock, Cleveland, Memphis, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Des Moines, and San Diego, and according to Verizon, more Cities will be added before the end of the year.

Verizon 5G Coverage Map

Through the integrated maps to the website, users can see what type of coverage there is not only in their city but specifically by neighborhood since by zooming in the map it is possible to see in detail which blocks have 5G coverage and which ones have 4G coverage.

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Following the announcement, T-Mobile CEO John Legere claimed the idea of ​​integrating his competitor’s maps and wrote in a tweet that “Verizon heard us and really did the right thing for his clients, and published the 5G maps “; He also said that Verizon had to see the publicity that T-Mobile placed in different places in New York to finally do something for its customers.

This is not the first time Legere challenges its competition since during a call with investors last July, the T-Mobile executive said Verizon’s strategy for 5G network deployment would not work and that AT&T lied and confused its users, according to a report by The Verge.

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Recently, T-Mobile announced its 5G coverage plans and indicated that on December 6 more than 200 million Americans in more than 5,000 cities, including rural areas, would have 5G coverage. He also indicated that users will also be able to take advantage of the Sprint 5G network when the merger between operators is completed.