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Transcend launches ideal memory cards for content makers


It launched Transcend, a leader in the development of high storage, multimedia and industrial products products, a series of new memory cards 700S type SDXC / SDHC with capacity and high performance, which is in line with the latest interface UHS-II to correspond with video cameras, digital cameras, DSLR, and comes at all Under the banner of power and simplicity at the same time, with a capacity of up to 64 GB and a data transfer speed of up to 285 Mbps, memory cards enable content makers through the modern UHS-II interface of handling and archiving RAW high-resolution RAW images as well as high video saving Precision 4K quickly and accurately m Piece Analog.

Opt for Optimum Professionals

The new MLC NAND flash memory card series with SDXC / SDHC 700S delivers up to 285 Mbps data transfer speed, write speed of up to 180 Mbps with Class 3 UHS speed and Class 10 SD Speed , And the new 700S series UHS Video cards are Class 90 compatible with the V90, making it perfect for capturing pre-production 4K high-definition videos.

Designed to fit the toughest conditions

All memory cards are transcendered for rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness, and certainly the new SDXC / SDHC 700S memory card series are no exception. The new memory cards operate effectively at temperatures ranging from minus 25 ° C to 85 ° C and also comply with IPX7 , Which means that it can withstand submerged submersible for 30 minutes continuous, in addition to that the memory cards are characterized as being shockproof and not affected by x-rays.

The exclusive RecoveRx program

RecoveRx offers its exclusive RecoveRx program to recover, store and manage data with all its products. The RemoveRx application allows easy and simple user interface to search memory cards for any traces of images, files, videos or music clips that have been erased by mistake. The application can also lock and block memory cards Write on them to prevent future data loss even by mistake.


The new SDXC / SDHC 700S memory cards are available in 32GB and 64GB, and are guaranteed by Transcend for five years. The speed may vary depending on the specifications of the device that will be used by the card in terms of operating system, gear and storage capacity, where Maximum speed can be reached through devices that support the UHS-II interface, and the RAND9 memory card reader is likely to achieve the best performance.