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Top 10 Advantages of Windows 10 Update April 10, 2018


Today, the Windows 10 April 2018 Update from Microsoft for PCs and tablets is full of small features that improve Windows 10 without significantly changing the platform. Microsoft adds only one key feature with this update, a calendar feature that lets you Resumes the place where you stopped across multiple devices.

The Windows 10 April 2018 update has many advantages, including easy sharing, fast Bluetooth connectivity, dictation and the ability to ignore tabs in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft also continues to develop and improve the Fluent Design system, and you ‘ll notice more hover effects when you use the mouse in the Start menu or notification center, As there will be a new effect on the shape of the taskbar.

Top 10 Advantages of Windows Update April 10, 2018

1. Timetable

The schedule is the new key feature here and replaces the usual taskbar view button that displays the applications currently running on the system. The schedule lets you know which applications are running and the applications you’ve used on your Windows 10 computer over the past 30 days, These activities and applications across multiple devices, so if you’re using a laptop in a document, you can easily capture the same activity on a desktop computer you’ve also signed in to.

You can also integrate the timeline with Microsoft EDGE for iOS and Android devices, access the smartphone browser log on your computer, and Microsoft updates EDGE applications to support this feature, one of the main reasons why you may use the schedule.

If you are concerned about the privacy aspects of accessing documents, applications, and the activity log in the task view, Microsoft disables device synchronization by default and you can disable the activity log.

2. Dictations

Windows has had a variety of spelling tools over the years, but Microsoft is creating a fast way to access the Windows version of April 10, 2018, where you can run it using the Windows key + H keyboard shortcut, it will let you dictate any application and if you get a good microphone , It works fine.

3. Ignore tabs in Microsoft Edge

The Chrome tab has been removed recently, and now Microsoft is offering the same feature to Edge, where you can mute the loud and annoying sites using this feature, avoid any sound blowing from the speakers, and Microsoft has tweaked the performance and EDGE design, and it’s definitely better to use the browser as a default browser with This update, but still needs to work to compete with Chrome.

Microsoft also adds support for PWAs in the Windows 10 April 2018 update. PWAs are essentially Web applications, but they have full support from Google, Apple, and now Microsoft via mobile and desktop operating systems, and this can improve the application’s status in Windows 10, we expect to hear a lot about PWAs for Windows 10 operating system at the Microsoft Build Conference in May.

4. Fix blurry applications

Desktop expansion applications have always been a problem in the Windows operating system, but this latest update is trying to make dim applications a bit of the past. The operating system will now find out if an application is unclear because of a change in the monitor or if it is connected to a laptop, It will try to extend it better to stop applications from being too small or blurry.

5. Sound Preferences

Microsoft adds some great new audio features with the Windows 10 April 2018 update, where you can now adjust the input or output device for each application, and the new audio settings allow you to customize both input and output for each application, so it is also useful to use different microphones across a set Variety of applications.

6. Bluetooth

Microsoft is adding a simple and fast way to pair Bluetooth extensions. Windows 10 April 2018 update will now give you a quick Bluetooth notification. Microsoft is supporting the Precision Mouse at the moment, and is working with Logitech and others to ensure additional hardware support for this fast-paced Bluetooth device in the future.

7. Windows Defender

Did you feel annoyed with Windows Defender notifications that tell you that Microsoft Anti-Virus has checked your device and is it okay? With the latest update, you can now block these notifications so that you are not notified every time a successful scan.

8. Share nearby

Nearby sharing lets you easily share websites, photos, or documents to nearby Windows 10 devices. It’s not an advantage and you’ll probably be using it a lot, but it works via Bluetooth and is similar to the Apple AirDrop feature.

You can share with nearby devices, which is much faster than sending messages via a file via email, and Nearby Sharing is disabled by default, and you can set it so you only receive files from your own devices or anyone nearby, and we hope Microsoft adds an option to customize This is even more so in the future that you can only receive it from your contacts.

9. Focus on assistance

Microsoft is changing and updating the nuisance mode of its operating system with this new update. The focus on help, previously known as quiet hours, was a smarter way to stop notifications when you were busy.

The focus now will be to automatically ignore notifications when you play a game or view a presentation on a screen, and this turns off annoying notifications during a game session or meetings that are equally important when you do not want your messages, messages, and other notifications to show up in the entire conference room.

You can also allow certain apps to keep notifications turned on, which is useful if you have a messaging app that you still want to see notifications from when you play the game.

10. Changes in games

Microsoft is making some stylish, game-focused changes with this update, and now you can customize graphics performance for each game, allowing you to set games to high performance or to save energy.

This is especially useful if you’re using a game-capable laptop, but you do not want some gamers to do the best performance to save battery life. The new feature is available in Graphics Settings in the main settings app, and Microsoft is also redesigning a game bar Xbox so that it now has a white or black attribute with this update.