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This is the first safe mobile phone for children to carry in school


An Australian company is preparing to launch what it said is the first safe mobile phone for children, targeting parents worried about their children’s online habits. The Family Zone company safety e-listed Australian, her phone, which is running Android, aims to be in stores in time with the Christmas holiday solutions.

He explained that it contains built-in controls, allowing parents to restrict usage with a one-year free subscription. Parents will be able to control the settings of their children’s phones from their own devices, and from the distance can monitor the web and impose time limits on games and applications on the phone estimated at $ 199.

“However, the child still has some independence,” says Tim Levy, managing director of Family Zone. “For example, a safe phone gives the possibility of a child sharing in the #networks, but this will be restricted by parental control.

School platform

The company has a platform for the school community, where participating schools control how phones are used throughout the day.

“It will change the argument about banning mobile phones in schools,” says Levy.

“Most children are happy to talk to their colleagues on phones, they want to run things they want, and there may be a real need to use the phone to communicate with the family, for example.”