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The Samsung Galaxy S20 base would have 12GB of RAM: Rumors


Samsung will place 12GB of RAM in the base models of its Galaxy S20 family to be announced in February.

The reliable IceUniverse filter tweeted simple but concise that 12GB of RAM will be the base configuration on Galaxy S20 phones. Then, a tweet asked if this amount will be for one or all models, to which the leaker replied that it applied to everyone.

Samsung would announce at least three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and, paying attention to what IceUniverse said, the three will have 12GB of RAM in their initial configuration. There is no information on the amount of storage, but it may be between 128 and 256GB.

The RAM serves many tasks, but the main one is to keep information accessible quickly so that the phone is always ready to act quickly. The more RAM, for example, you can have more apps suspended in the background and ready to use when they run again.

Samsung has not commented on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The South Korean firm, a leader in the global mobile phone industry, is preparing for its first major event in 2020. On February 11, Samsung will announce its first high-end cell phones of the year. In addition to the 12GB of RAM, changes in the design, improvements in the camera and the occasional surprise are expected.