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The Future of AI Technology and How It’s Already Being Used Today


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting areas of innovation in the world today. Its applications are known to the public through smartphones and voices in automobiles. However, these applications are relatively elementary. AI Technology has benefits for multilevel organizations, industries, and employees in the workplace. While it is true that AI Technology will take over many jobs, it will also create them as well.

AI is Innovating the Products in Use Today

AI is being used in everyday products, e-commerce, security, healthcare, retail, information services, and many other industries affected by the digital revolution. Chatbots are a way to interact with an AI application and is one of the significant advancements in e-commerce. Others include personalized shopping, verifying reviews, logistics, automating customer service, building customer relationships, improving searches, and the benefits of getting to know customers better.

Security and information services are discrete ways in which AI is shaping the world. Both of these areas benefit from fact authentication. While a dedicated workforce can be used to achieve this end, machine learning provides a more efficient solution. Consider how important human resources could be when liberated to solve other problems. Then also consider AI’s potential to improve. Its use in video games, virtual assistants, predictive purchasing, and help with decision making are already yielding rewards.

Beyond Consumer Products: AI in the Workplace

AI is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Services offered by Amazon Mechanical Turk are very important to companies in Silicon Valley. They use it to train AIs. MTurk has not innovated very much even though its history spans more than a decade. This has led to the recent developments of uniting workers toward collective action. They have valid complaints. Low pay, the lack of transparency, and disorganization within the workplace are among the issues.

Both employees and organizations are looking for alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk. Gengo is an emerging option that positioned itself to directly compete with Amazon. Another promising company is Effect.ai. It markets itself as a decentralized network for artificial intelligence. Effect.ai recognized the problems with Amazon’s MTurk and realized that blockchain technology and AI Technology are made for each other. Its Effect Force is a better scaling solution for a workforce that collaborates in human intelligence. This type of solution is needed more than many within the industry realize.

Machine learning is one of the hottest innovations in the world today. Its need for real-time structured data is immense. Training AI on a blockchain has advantages that are not conventionally available. Both transparency and an immutable digital ledger can advance machine learning applications on a large scale. Transparency broadens collaboration between organizations and increases trust. Immutability results in a digital ledger that creates a future with little worry about security and alteration. These are only a few of the benefits that AI combined with blockchain can provide.


The future of AI Technology might just be the most promising of any existing today. Consumers are fascinated by applications like voice assistants. Creating a world where the home, office, shopping, and travel experiences are all voice controlled via AI is revolutionary. And yet, these are comparatively modest applications of AI Technology. From organizational restructuring to workforces, AI is destined to change the world more than the computer revolution did at the turn of the millennia.

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