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The First 5G Snapdragon-Powered PC Is Here: Meet Project Limitless


Qualcomm has fully unveiled its collaborative effort at Computex with Lenovo called Project Limitless, which it coins as the world’s first 5G-capable snapdragon-powered PC.

According to the two companies, the device, designed for PCs offering 5G connectivity, runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Compute Platform, which supports 4G and 5G connectivity, pairs a Qualcomm Adreno 680 GPU with the Qualcomm Kryo 495. It has a battery life that can last on a single charge for several days, adds Qualcomm.

Project Limitless

Perhaps the laptop should come as little surprise as it was teased back during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. What makes this different from other previously released Snapdragon-powered laptops is the above-mentioned 8cx platform, which is supposed to offer “ultra-low latency, remarkable performance, battery life and 5G connectivity that will revolutionize our way of working and playing,” according to Johnson Jia, SVP of Lenovo’s PC Business Group.

Qualcomm says Project Limitless will pave the way for “new, transformative user experiences for both consumers and business.” This gives a rough idea about who Qualcomm is positioning this device to— regular users and business people.

Project Limitless 5G

While 5 G is still largely an innovation type “on the cards,” its arrival is increasingly imminent. That’s why Qualcomm aims to make Project Limitless future-proof by making it compatible with potential future 5G implementations. Qualcomm says Project Limitless could use its built-in artificial intelligence in one of its examples and combine it with 5G connectivity to translate foreign languages in real time.

Why exactly would you need 5G on a PC? Well, one of 5G’s most important facets is speed, of course, and if properly performed, bandwidth-heavy tasks might become more seamless, including downloading large files or sending them to colleagues. For example, project partners can collaborate online while editing video footage and then almost instantly upload the finished film. Downloading a full-length movie could take just a couple of minutes, as a whole season of one’s favorite Netflix show is downloaded.

“The ultra-low latency, extreme performance, and extreme connectivity of the Snapdragon 8cx work together to enable this,” says Qualcomm.

Project Limitless Price And Release Date

However, neither Qualcomm nor Lenovo has suggested a possible release date or price. As XDA Developers reports, more information will come in early 2020.